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A Calendar too Crowded – review

I have been in a “reading-block” sort of phase for quite a while now. But I did think of getting back to my blog with some recipes and stuff, but how funny – I am here to talk about a book!
I had no idea what I was getting into, when I agreed to read and review Sagarika Chakraborty’s “A Calendar too Crowded” but I must say now that I am moved, sad, happy and baffled (I am not sure this was possible!)
Charaborty’s book is a collection of stories “that represent the millions of female voices that seek to free from the clutches of injustice and oppression”(copied form the back cover). Every story talks about an issue faced in today’s world. While some brought tears to my eyes, others made me sit back and think. I started thinking about the kind of mom I was, while I was reading “Finding an ideal mother for my unborn child”. There is another story which talked about a woman who was a feminist, who believed that there was no requirement of a man in one’s life to be happy. She had a baby by artificial insemination. She was trying hard to be not like her mother. Will her child understand her views? Will she be able to comprehend the reasons why she has no father? And will, when she grows up, understand her mother’s views on love? Or like her mother, will she also try to be not like her mother?
The book is divided into months and all the days that are highlighted to create awareness about women issues, are mentioned there. Like January has 2 days(Jan22 – Anti- abortion day and Jan24 – National Day for the girl child) February has 3 days and so on. Does it really matter to have so many dates on a calendar? We have no time to think about it, much less do something about it. Does having these dates on a calendar help those women who are locked in a room with their hair cut off, and having virtually no one and nothing of their own, just because fate took her husband away? Today also some of the communities, doesn’t allow widows to take part in celebrations… why?
Another story has us look at a woman trying to understand the basis of caste, when choosing maids/servants of the house. I know that even today my Grandmother would not allow a lower caste woman to enter her kitchen. There was a time when she did not allow them in the house, but that has at least changed, exchanged by the need to purify the house after someone from a lower class visits us. Does it really matter? We woman, living in the city do have a lot of privileges, we are “lucky” to be born in this era which has started to accept us. Why do we need to be lucky? Why can’t the girls born in little villages be lucky as well?
There is a need of something to be done to end these practices, something that will make every child lucky to be born in these times. Everyone has a right to live a beautiful life with the people who love them.
Thanks to Blogadda team for sending me my review copy.

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  1. I wanted to review this book too, but wasn’t sure I could finish this book in the time they allot for review. Looks like I really missed out 🙁

    Btw, it’s crazy how often we both change themes :). This time I have also gone for splendio theme. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

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