A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

December 27, 2008 0 By admin

A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens
93 Pages

Well, what should I say about this wonderful book?! That I absolutely loved it.. will be the use of the same boring words over and over again 🙂
I remember Little Veens had this as one of her chapters in her school classes. Big Veens had totally forgotten about it :)! She was reminded of it by her lovely friend Bethany 🙂
I picked up the eBook to read, and was so Surprised to remember Scrooge 🙂 ! As I was browsing I found a lovely audio book of the same :)! I have not heard any audio books yet … so I went ahead to hear it… and the experience was lovely!

It is one of those little tales which has a lot of things packed in it! Christmas time is the time, you would love to read it 🙂

So, if you have NOT! you better read it 🙂 It is a classic in true sense of the word. Love it!
5 on 5 🙂
PS – Want the eBook?! Mail me 🙂

PS – this is a re-post from the archives 🙂