A New Kind of ZOO by Renae Rae

A New Kind of ZOO
by Renae Rae


This is such a cute book that Aarya and I read on iPad daily. The illustrations are lovely and colorful and even though I can’t get Aarya to sit still and read, he really likes all the animals in this story. It is fun to read this rhyme book and I am sure when he starts understanding a bit more, he will enjoy it even more.

Leading our tour
was a talking cat
and it was wearing
a safari hat

Fun and lovely! And at $1.99, it is a steal from Amazon!
What books did you read with your 2-yr olds? I would love some recommendations…thank you.

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  1. oh, so cute!
    Hi Veena, First time on your blog, and I loved it very much! You writing is just so unpredictable, and yet sweet! Following you now.

    Please do visit my book blog, and if you like it, please do follow! thank you!

    1. I saw that book on Amazon, and it is so so cute! I love it. But unfortunately they do not have a Kindle version 🙁 and I cannot buy it otherwise (shipping charges are way to high)

  2. The cow on the cover is adorable! Don’t worry, before too long Aarya will be requesting a nightly bedtime story, or two, or three . . .

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