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‘All by Myself’ Activities

As we get ready for our new baby to arrive in Feb/March; I am constantly looking for ways to encourage independent activities, that are done solely by Aarya. We are starting slow, hopefully he will get the idea and start working on these soon.

Here are this week’s activities, I helped him in most of these, but as I said we are starting slow and hopefully in the coming months, he will be able to do more independent work.

1)Letter Sound Activity Cards from Aarya needed a lot of help doing this so I included only the alphabets that we have done so far. We will be working on this again next week.

2) Lego Duplo Number cards from One Beautiful Home blog – This one was not easy for him, I realized that he could not rightly do it at all (maybe because he was distracted). After doing 0-3 with my assistance, he wanted to do it on his own, that was cool. This also stays on our shelf next week and I am going to add the next set of numbers.

3)We were focusing on letter “W” this week (more on that in my next post), so I created this simple counting “Windows” activity for him to do with bottle caps I made. This was easy for him and he did all the numbers till 9. (This is hand-drawn and you can see I am not good at it at all).

4) Simple counting cards from Shannon’s Tot School with Bottle cap numbers – Aarya absolutely loved these printable (maybe he loved the simple images) and was quick to complete these counting cards. I did not get a shot yet, may be I will add it when we take it out again this week.

5) Maze from Mr. P– I found this via Pinterest, where I find almost all of my ideas 🙂 I figured Aarya would love this one because it involved a car and roads, he has not tried it yet, lets see maybe this week, he will pick it up.

My heartful thanks to all the wonderful blogs and sites for sharing all these resources and ideas 🙂

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  1. You are so wise to start helping your son segue into more independent activities before the baby arrives and these look like great ones – I especially like the lego number cards!

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