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All is well that ends well…

Or I will like to believe it that way. Colored salt is not new in mommy-blog world – but it was a new to me project and I was blown away at how simple it was. I envisioned THAT project I had seen in so many blogs already (esp. Learn Play Imagine – a mama of boys, who did this project with success). Oh! And I did think that my plan of color mixing + Art project would be received with much enthusiasm. You can only imagine what happened, right?

The project was simple.

– We add a design on paper with glue.

– Then we add the colored salt to it little by little.

– ‘Little by little’ is still an abstract phrase, I guess!

– After this, I just knew that the direction this project was going was west-wards.

Well, then you shake of the excess salt; and leave it to dry. Again *leave it to dry* doesn’t really work here either, so he jumped right in with the next step ( which is ONE of the reasons this did not work). The next step is to put teeny-tiny drops of colored water on the salt to see it travelling through the salt.


– Well again *teeny-tiny* just is way too abstract; so we DUMP the whole yellow water right in! Did it travel, sure it did; but he was too busy dumping to really *see* anything! But he did see the *green*. OK! So at least 1 thing did happen.

– Well at this point I should have a masterpiece or something similar, well all I had a LOT of salt All over the place 🙂

Then of course he wanted to play *independently* with the salt, the car, the glue; I almost said no; but it was one of those days were I was so focused on *yeses* (it is almost painful to remember the salt everywhere)

I would have rated this activity a failure, but he enjoyed this so much (the sensory aspect and the dumping thing too) that I am going to say that this was a winner. Will I do it again? Not in a very long time – it is only so much I can take 😉

6 thoughts on “All is well that ends well…

  1. This project is definitely about the process! I’m glad he enjoyed it so much. The large photos in this post are wonderful!

    (P.S. I joined Instagram today.)

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