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Attraction to Blue :o)

I LOVE the BLUE of the above cover!

I saw another [see right]  cover as well on the net, but I can’t get a bigger Image… hmmmph! The Author website has the first cover ONLY.
This one was reviewed on S. Krishna’s blog [ 4.5 stars out of 5]
From the back cover:

Though she lives in the shadow of her legendary landscape photographer father, and is the mother of a painter whose career is about to take off, Claire has carved out a practical existence as a commercial photographer. Her pictures may not be the stuff of genius, but they’ve paid for a good life.
But when her father dies, Claire loses faith in the work she has devoted her life to—and worse, begins to feel jealous of her daughter’s success. Then, as she helps prepare a retrospective of her famous father’s photographs, Claire uncovers revelations about him that change everything she believes about herself as a mother, a daughter, and an artist…

Which cover are you attracted to this week?!
Thank you Marcia for hosting this event!

0 thoughts on “Attraction to Blue :o)

  1. Melody 🙂 Loved it!Suko, I tried… then If i don't find i go to Google. 🙂 Well I can also make out very little from the 2nd cover **sigh**Shona, Really? Which is the other cover?!

  2. Wow, I never saw the second cover. It's equally pretty. I have seen this book reviewed around and I always stop and stare at the cover for at least 2 seconds 🙂

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