2010- Read, Stephen Jay Schwartz, suspense-thriller

Beat by Stephen Jay Schwartz

by Stephen Jay Schwartz
Paperback, 336 pages
Forge Books (September 28, 2010)


LAPD Robbery-Homicide Detective Hayden Glass has always had trouble controlling his urges.  No longer trolling the streets looking for working girls, he has a new obsession–the Internet.  Infatuated with a woman he finds on a website, Hayden Glass’s sex addiction drags him to San Francisco and into a web of corruption and crime.

Glass’s search for this woman leads him to a massive sex slave trade, run by the Russian mafia and protected by a group of powerful and corrupt San Francisco cops.  Glass gets co-opted by the FBI to aid in their investigation…but his presence is doing much more harm than good.

As far as I have read, generally detectives have to be good, they can be thick-headed, full of attitude, but never have I read of a detective having sex addiction and that definitely warrants the presence of lot of sexual scenes and bad/foul language in this book. Hayden Glass is an LAPD detective who is on a forced medical leave following some real bad things he has done in the previous book, which only a few others know about. He is being treated for his sex – addiction and he is really working on it. He is even given it a name, Rufus (that really cracked me up).

But how can a person really fight an addiction like this?! He frequents porn-sites thinking that this was better than the real thing, and he won’t be addicted. He however falls when Rufus meets Cora, and that’s where his therapy goes into the bin. He starts regularly visiting Cora on the sites, then he starts meeting her up in real life in San Fransisco. He even starts taking money from people who owed him a favor to stay at SA for more days so that he can be with Cora.

But everything goes wrong, when suddenly one day Cora vanishes. And then when he finds her, Cora and he are violently attacked by a couple of Russian guys who rape Cora and take her away. What Hayden does not know earlier is that Cora would become the link between him and this huge network of sex slave trade.

I wish I had read Boulevard, the 1st in this series – just to know more about Hayden. There is obviously a scarred past that has made him the way he is. You know after the first few pages, there was no way I wanted to  like Hayden, I mean this was supposed to be the good guy, the hero, right? But as much as I wanted to hate him, after a fourth of the novel was past me – in no time – I started liking him. He fights his obsession every minute of his life and that is something that speaks volumes about his character.

There is action everytime, there is no dull moment in this book- it sets a pace and keeps it moving. After I got over the graphic stuff, I was just glued to it. It is pretty evident that Stephen Jay Schwartz has done lot of research on LAPD, SAPD and FBI, more so on the sex slave trade. There is even a girl who is picked from Calcutta (India), so you can have an idea how wide spread this trade really would be.

This is a well written suspense thriller. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

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  1. I first came across this book after reading Violet’s review. This story sounds intriguing, but I don’t think I’ve ever read a detective who has a sex addiction. 😛

  2. Never heard of this author but the plot sounds very different. This is definitely going into my wishlist!

    Btw, your new blog layout looks neat! 🙂 Any specific reasons on moving to wordpress??

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