Best Toy Picks for 4 year olds

February is not just the month of LOVE, but it’s the month when we were blessed with the HeartBeat of AaryaAnjali Mansion! Yes February is the month Anjie was born, and this coming month she turns 4! And every year, I put in a lot of thought into what we Gift her! We like to choose gifts that are Open-Ended, Sustainable and have a Long Life! I do not support Toy – Clutter, instead I support well thought-out, intentional toys for the kids. As we know for Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and in general all kids, play is the highest form of research – don’t you think you would rather they spend the time with good toys that teach them, much more than the everyday concepts?

Here you go, the top contenders to make to the top Of #LoveList and #WishList of #OpenEnded Toys Installment!

1. Lego

Even though we do own some Lego Duplo, it is never enough. This Verstaile toy is top on my #Wishlist and my #LoveList. And we have been Eyeing some Amazing sets.

This Toy set looks absolutely perfect for our theme and is at a very good price!

2. Wooden Blocks

We have atleast 2- 3 sets of wooden blocks, and they are amazing for open-ended play! I see our Wooden Blocks set getting a lot of love!

3. MagnaTiles

I have had Magna tiles for almost 2 years and more and our love for this amazing open ended toy has only increased!

It’s a Gorgeous addition to any kids Collection. And it encourages kids to build whatever they want to.

4. Kitchen Set

Both my kids play with our humble Kitchen set and over the years I have added some play food and Utensils to this set!

And recently we added Non-Drying Clay ( found in local stores) and it has given a new twist and the kids are enjoying using the Rollers, the cookie Cutters and such and cooking up a storm!!

5. Wooden Train Set

A gift for Aarya on his 3rd Birthday, this has been a great investment because even after 4 years – there is barely any damage to the set I bought from Tidlo!

I have added many sets over the years and they have all been well loved! The kids LOVE to play with this amazing versatile toy, and there is so much pretend play all Day long whenever we have the set out!

As you can see, I have most of the Open – Ended toys but my heart is definitely set on buying a new Lego Set as the 1st Gift! I do tons of ONLINE SHOPPING, and I am a regular buyer on Myntra, as they have some good deals on Toys going on right now. I am a regular Myntra- Shopper! I generally go buy our Dresses from there, but recently when I checked the Kids-Toys selection, I was super happy to see some amazing brands at even more amazing prices!

top toy picks for 4 year old girls

My experience shopping with Myntra has been Hassle- free. With their easy return policy, I have said Good-Bye to Worries about a product not being good enough! I love that they have such amazing Collection, its my Favorite Shopping destination!


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