Blessings of a Home Library!

Blessings of a Home Library!

September 6, 2018 27 By admin

On Instagram, we started off our #BookishMomsandBeyond Challenge yesterday [ September 1, 2018 ] and while I sat their sifting through books perfect for the challenge’s first prompt – I saw my son busy reading his favourite books from back when he was a tot. He sat their reading the book to my younger one and that is the image I carry in my head as I talk to you about the Blessings of a Home Library!

Blessings of a Home Library

So here are reasons I decided I wanted to have a library of books for my kids –

  1. My son is not a Voracious reader, but he loves to have his facts correct. While I read ” Are you a Ladybird” today, he told me what he had read in a Science book about Caterpillars and their lifecycle – some interesting fact that was important for him to share. He was interested to see how ladybirds did not prefer to eat leaves, rather they loved to eat Aphids. This fact however did not go really well with my Vegetarian Son, but it was interesting enough to talk about at great lengths. Later on as we sifted through “Are you a Spider?” book, we couldn’t believe that Spiders had 8 eyes and 6 “some things under their bodies to spin silk”!

Blessings of a Home Library

What I am getting at is these related readings wouldn’t have been possible if we did not have a ibrary at home.

  1. Its a Myth that we don’t Re- Read! Raise your hand if you have read your bubba’s favourite book a 100 times? I won’t lie, but i have hidden certain books just so that I don’t have to read it again 🙂  Having all our favourites from when I started reading to Aarya, to now, when I read the same books to my younger one – is nostalgic, precious and heartening.

Sometimes, finding an old favourite which you haven’t read in sometime is all you need to rekindle the excitement 🙂

  1. With Multiple Kids – we get to use the books again and again. It’s almost unbelievable how certain books appeal to multiple ages. Gruffalo, Gajapati Kulapati, Kolaba to name a few are firm favorites of both my kids [ aged 8 and 4] till date!

  1. It gives the kids major confidence boost to see the number of books they have read. I don’t keep the books that they have read apart from the unread books. I have a sorting system, but they keep pulling out books and it is so fun to see them talk abou thte stories and what they remember about it.

  1. There is always books around, and kids should grow up surrounded by good books. It’s easy to compile a list of books on a certain topic when we are using books for concept based learning. It also is a blessing that we don’t have to wait to get the books we want.

As I write about this, it is no way I discount a good library near your home. We don’t have one, and thus we have immensely benefitted from having our own home library! When we lived in a place with a well stocked library, visiting library was one of our favourite things to do and we used to visit the library at least twice if not more!

Books create a kind of Involuntary learning environment where your Bub doesn’t even realize that he is learning at all. They also help immensely in creating a rich visual experience and they keep the little minds active unlike TV or YT which just doesn’t let kids think. Asking question, interpreting pictures, relating pictures to the text being read are just few ways that books help kids develop a rich and engaging vocabulary and active thinking potential. A Home lobrary really helps!

I hope to encourage you to invest 15 minutes a day reading to your child, and help you choose good books to do so. I also would be talking about using books to help kids understand concepts, talk about diverse topics and just have fun! I can’t wait to share my next post in this series!

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