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Book Love : A Book is a Bee by Lavanya Karthik and Illustrated by Ruchi Shah

A Book is a Bee by Lavanya KarthikA Book is a Bee by Lavanya Karthik is a whimsical ode to books and what they mean to little children. Each verse in the book reminds you how reading books is this magical experience,


A book is a bee buzzing in your head with things to say.

A book is a tree with branches to climb to see the world around.

There are many such beautiful lines.

Is it not true that books take the kids and us into lands that are far off and they inspire ideas that weren’t there before. Books are such great companions and such great friends.

Watch the book trailer here

Illustrations by Ruchi Shah, beautifully adds to the text, a quiet beauty and makes it a visual masterpiece.

Can I just take a minute to talk about the Cover! Is it not eye- catchy and amazing. I totally love the look and feel of this book and is recommended for kids of all ages who love books.

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