Book Love: Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn by Jo Boon

Book Love: Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn by Jo Boon

November 12, 2017 1 By admin

Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn By Jo Boon, Illustrated by Tina Toth

Series of Children’s Adventure Stories

Available on Kindle!

This is the first story in the series, ‘The Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn’. A series of children’s adventure stories – gender neutral & inspiring confidence!

Once upon a time, in a magical far off land, there lived a glitter pup. The glitter pup came
from a long line of glitter puppies who had magical fur that sparkled and shone. Glitter pup was one of the 5 siblings and like almost all siblings they fought , and Glitter Pup runs away far off from it’s home.

Finally Glitter pup finds itself alone in the forest with no way of getting back when it sees a Unicorn, who helps the Pup to understand its feelings.Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn

A lovely books for Siblings, and I love that it is gender-neutral, and that the author has been very careful to keep this book positive, to help reinforce the fact that it is ok to be upset, but it is not ok to run away from a sticky situation. Small kids have such big emotions, and to help them understand how to handle it and work with it so important, and this little book helps kid understand the power of sorry.

Reading POV, I found that the book is a easy read for 6 plus, and can be read to kids 4 plus. The illustrations are adorable and beautiful! And the story uses simple to read texts and easy words, and it is a good early reader! Aarya found the illustrations really cute and he could easily read the story. Anjali loved the Unicorn specially <3

Glitter Pup & little Unicorn is available on Kindle to buy and also availble on Kindle Unlimited! I am sure the little kids will truly enjoy this book ! This is a series, and now we are eagerly waiting the rest of the books in this series!

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