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Book Love: If you give a Mouse a Cookie

This month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids Author was  Laura Numeroff and we read If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by the author, which is a very cute book on cause and effect! Aarya really likes this book and this week I intentionally added up some activities to tie up with our readings!

Activity: Math

I cut out circles from a thick brown paper bag (cookie) and wrote numbers on it, I made another set with numbers represented as dots. First Aarya put the cookies inthe right order from 1 to 10; then he matched the correct number of *chocolate chips* to the right numeral. This was east till number 8… we arestill working on 9 and 10.

Activity: Memory Game

The happiness at getting it right the 1st time. He LOVES playing this game!

With the same numbered set we played a game of memory. Aarya is getting really good at this game and mostly beats me 🙂

Activity: Art

Invitation to create.

We made *cookies*! Aarya painted small paper plates brown and then colored bubble wraps black and pressed them on the dried colored paper plates to create the chocolate chip look. Favorite part was coloring the bubble wrap, and as you can see… he really did not press the wrap in one place but moved it a bit here and there. It is not perfect, but we liked this simple activity.

Activity: Cooking

Sorry, not enough photos. This is what went into the Microwave, and I don’t even have a pic of the finished cookie. We were just too eager to taste it lol!

Bake a Cookie! If you have an oven, this is a natural thing to do after reading the book, but as I always lament… we do not have an oven, but I really wanted to do a cooking activity with Aarya (for #SimplePlay – baking) and searched for a recipe we could make in the Microwave and voila! I found one, easy enough for both of us. I pre-measured everything and kept it ready for Aarya to mix. All through the mixing (which took hardly 5 minutes), he wanted to add flour FIRST (that is his favorite thing, by the way) – but he did follow the instructions and did it one after the other. The result was not as awesome as the video shows, but we will try again and tweak the quantity, perhaps that will make it more tastier?! Aarya asked me today if we could make the cookie again and I said we could definitely do it 🙂 So we are making it again soon! Here is the link to the Youtube video and here is the link to the blog
1 Minute Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies – Eggless Recipe

For 1 large cookie you will need-

        1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted

    2 tablespoons light brown sugar1/8 teaspoon pure vanilla extractPinch of salt2 teaspoons whole milk3 tablespoons of all-purpose flour2 tablespoons semi-sweet chocolate chips – I used normal Chocolate cut into pieces because I did not have this!

    Read the complete recipe on Eugenie Kitchen.


    There are a lot of links on my Pinterest boards where you can see MORE activities! I will be sharing a couple more activities with you later this week.

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    18 thoughts on “Book Love: If you give a Mouse a Cookie

      1. When we first read it (over an year ago), Aarya was impatient and would never finish it! But now, he likes it after I told him that the boy in the book is Aarya. So all the books featuring boys (in general) are a hit here 🙂 I seriously have a difficult time with animal characters… but there are a few he likes 🙂 I love that TShirt too 🙂 The pic depicts a Mama, Dad and Aarya Elephant 🙂

    1. This is a great book and these projects are wonderful! I love this approach! Cookie making is definitely an art. Aarya’s haircut is darling. 🙂

    I love to hear your thoughts!

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