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Book Love: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

I had this on our wishlist for a long time and recently at a sale event I got it for real cheap 🙂 🙂 In the stash of books, Aarya did not pick it up. Today I asked him he would like to read this (after reading his favorites, of course) and he said yes! So we did.. and then I read it again and just one more time. He liked it… especially little Bill who cries “I want Mommy!” 🙂

After reading, as was the norm (on days when we had time, and the baby was sleeping) we did this activity. We made paper plate owls and recreated one scene from the book (it is the cover).

First up, we had 3 paperplates and colored them (I would have liked white but Aarya did want blue… so we compromised and decided on these colors)

We left them to dry, and painted our background blue (here again I wanted black, but he wanted blue; guess who won?). I added a little glitter and oh boy! did he empty the whole bottle? He LOVED it so much (idea borrowed from I {heart} Crafty things)

We colored our stick brown!

Then we added lines inside the owl bodies… of course they were blue no brown!

After this point I was involved so no pics… Aarya was so excited to see his work taking shape! He loves these projects where there is an end product of sorts… he likes these… and absolutely wants to be a part of it. He is the glue- man! ( we finished 4 tubes of glue for this job!!)

We folded our owl as per this tutorial. I had my circles pre-cut, and also cut out owls nose and legs and he glued them on. He wanted to draw the back eyes too.
I added the stick using Blue-Tack and glued the hay!

Ta- da… it is adorable, is it not?!

This was a fun adorable project and with this we start working on Letter O… and O is for Owl! I am going to try and study owls with Aarya because he likes them so much (remember his favorite book The Gruffalo also features an OWL!).

I really went to my favorite blog I {heart} Crafty Things.. and LOVED her craft idea, which I will definitely be doing with Aarya 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Book Love: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

  1. Oh I LOVE this sooo much Veena! It is so vibrant and beautiful! I really love the blue background and think Aarya made a perfect choice. I have never seen the owls done with small paper plates like that before. They are darling! You are so sweet about my blog! Seriously, you made my day! I love your blog too! You are so creative and your love for motherhood shines through your blog and makes me want to be a better Mom! Thank you! 🙂 I’m pinning this because I have to do this one with my kids.

  2. Oh this is soo great!!! Love the way you guys used real twigs/sticks, the laughing I did over the color compromising you had to do, LOL, & the completed project turned out too! Thanks for stopping by my blog too;) If youre looking for more letter activities check out ;D

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