Book Love – The Snowman by Richard Briggs

I bought “Step into Reading” book version of this book and instantly regretted doing it 🙁 It is, but a sad copy of the original. But we watched this video, which was amazing!

This is such a beautiful story! I love it and Aarya really enjoyed it too 🙂 To accompany this book we did this rather fun but lovely “Snowman on the Globe” art which I saw on Pinterest.

Please excuse the “sauce” on the face look. The minute he saw the ball and white paint, he just wanted to dive right in!

All you need is –

1) Blue paper (construction paper will be good)

2) 1 ball or as many as you want, really.

3) white paint ( We also had yellow dropped in as aarya wanted it)

4) 3 circles in different sizes for the snowman body

5) A rectangle – small for the hat

6) Add the sketch pens if your kid is crazy about them (like mine is)

I will let the pictures do the talking.-


He dipped the ball in the white paint but then also wanted to use the brush.


Once he had played to his hearts contest with the ball and the colors. We left it to try. Then I stuck the snowman ( on the left) to show him how it is done. He had his own ideas about where everything would be.



Then he wanted the sketch pens to “draw” the face.

All done!

This book was part of the “S” week (snow)!

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