Book Love: What Should I Make?

January 24, 2013 4 By admin

Aarya is not much into playdough and I think it is a beautiful and powerful medium for kids and also very good activity for his tiny fingers. So to encourage him, I bought What Should I Make? by Nandini Nayar from Tulika books. Priced only at 75Rs, this is affordable and the illustrations are beautiful as well. In the story, Neeraj’s Mom is making Rotis (Tortillas) and gives him a small piece from the dough to play with. What all can Neeraj make out of it, is the simple but cute story.

We read the story together and Aarya pointed out Rotis immediately. He likes his Rotis, so it was good to see he could comprehend and also tell me it was “Atta” (dough) and “roll roll” (roller). I was encouraged! Then we looked at what all could be done with the dough.

Next day, We again read the story and then I set out this tray for him –

I first gave him some yellow dough, roller. We tried making all the animals in the book. He played with it for a while (attacking the mouse. meowing with the cat, roaring like the lion etc. )

Aarya is checking out the dough I set out for him.

That’s the snake we made together and mouse (he is holding). They had a fight and the snake became mouse’s tail lol!

The cat is in the assembling phase.

Next I introduced form cookie cutters (bus, car, helicopter, heart shapes etc) – I think introducing the transport cutters was a mistake, because he started playing with them and not with the dough.

Then I tried to “show” him some other things that can be made – he just told me what he thought about them and went back to his “car”. I introduced some Lego pieces and a dog and cat also.

(Clockwise from top)1) A bone for the dog and fish for the cat. 2)We made impression of the tail as well. 3) I made a train for him but he told me it looked more like a dog. 4) A snowman with a big nose 🙂

Next day, I reminded him that the book ended with Neeraj making a roti and asked him if he wanted to make a roti? Aarya was more than happy to do this. He likes to play with the “real atta dough” that I make more than the “playdough”. So I showed him how to make a “Chapati” (that is roti made with butter)

Aarya presented the Chapathi he made to his father for dinner…. it looks like a heart-shape (though we did not shape it like that at all). It turned out to be bit too thick and Aarya himself ate part of it, and it was a good experience 🙂

The only thing being that now whenever I am making rotis, Aarya brings his stool and tells me he wants to make them as well, his Dad has to eat them as well 🙂

I make my atta dough by using whole-wheat flour + salt to taste+ enough water to bring it to a dough-consistency which will be  a bit thicker than the playdough. I am sure we will doing many more playdough activities and I will be sharing them as we do them.

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