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Book Review: Excavate Dinosaurs by Jon Tennant

Excavate Dinosaurs
Written by Jon Tennant
Illustrated by Vladimir Nikolov
Paper Engineering by Charlie Simpson
ISBN 9781612125206
Storey Publishing, LLC

Recommended Age : 7 and Up.


The ultimate gift for dinosaur-loving kids ages 7 and up! With fun text and colorful illustrations, paleontologist Jon Tennant explains the anatomy, habitat, and diet of 12 dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic eras and then provides pop-out pieces of their skeletons for kids to assemble into stand-up paper models. However, the pieces are mixed up! Before the puzzles can be completed, kids must apply their new knowledge about the dinosaurs to figure out which pieces go together. Kids will love the challenge of sorting out which bones belong to which dinosaur — just like real paleontologists do!

Our Review –

It is no secret that Aarya LOVES Dinosaurs and his favorite Dinosaur is the Triceratops. He also made up a story about a Superhero Triceratop whose powers include lightening coming out of its 3 horns. So I do not ever pass up an opportunity to get a Dinosaur book! We have a good collection and this non – fiction title is an awesome addition to our collection.

I am a very recent Dino-fan, so I know almost nothing about the Dinosaur time, habitat… nothing at all. This book with its wonderful pictures explains everything you and your child would like to know about Dinosaurs and there time on earth.

Look at the Content Page, and you will know what I am talking about!

What were Dinosaurs?
What are Fossils?
What do Paleontologists do?

Questions like these and much more are explained and discussed with Gorgeous pictures of Dinosaurs! The Fossils pictures feature all the real images from the sites where these fossils were first seen! Loads of information is packed in to these pages and I just absolutely love the format and the pictures. Which kid doesn’t want to be paleontologist? With a field guide featuring 12 awesome Dinosaurs (including Triceratiop!), the author shares a fun way to scientifically identify the fossils and be a paleontologist!

feild guide

The best part of the book is the above field guide for sure! I am sure your kids favorite Dinosaur would make the list which include T-Rex, Stegosaurus and the likes! The guide includes information about the  ‘meaning of there name’, body anatomy, the era they were from, the group they belonged to, there length, the place they were found and there fossils! A 2 page layout has all this info packed with images of the dinosaurs, it is Gorgeous!

But wait that’s not all. What could be better than the field guide? Why? Being a Paleontologist, of course!

Kids will LOVE going on a Dinosaur DIG. The book includes easy to cut, cut-outs of Dinosaur fossils of ALL the 12 Dinos. The little Paleontologists then use the field guide to identify the fossils. This makes me wish I had a physical copy of this book!
What else??? Once you are done identifying all the pieces, you can BUILD YOUR OWN MODEL DINOSAUR!  Yes, there is a step-by step instruction on how to use the fossils to build the model dinosaurs (all 12 of them).

To say that we absolutely loved this book, is an understatement. At 4.5 years, Aarya loved this book and wanted to re-read it with me loads of times. 6+ crowd will be able o read and do the activities on there own (except for cutting in some cases)

My only regret – Not having the physical copy. This book would make an awesome gift for your Dino loving, hoping to be a Paleontologist one day kiddo in your life!

Buy Excavate Dinosaurs in India @

Buy Excavate Dinosaurs in India @

Thanks to for my copy of the eBook for review.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Excavate Dinosaurs by Jon Tennant

  1. Veena, your review of this book is wonderful! My kids loved to learn about dinosaurs when they were younger. I’m glad children are still fascinated by this terrific creatures. I’m also glad that you are now a Dino-fan (our children often lead us to knew interests). 🙂

    1. Lovely book review Veena 🙂 I never miss out on any of your posts! (The moment it comes in my mailbox, I have to read it).. I’m so glad that you have started regularly writing again! Thank you for all the lovely blog posts post baby #2.. Hope the LO is doing great 🙂 and I’m sure Aarya must be having a great time being a big bro to his baby sis!! Have a blessed day 😉

      1. Amu, Thank you so so so much for your kind comment. I read ALL your posts too, it just takes me time to comment. Because the minute I start typing on the phone, the kids WANT to do the same, even the littlest monster! Aarya is definitely having fun being the monster bhai 🙂 but well we are all monster in our small wonderland 😀

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