Brand new Site – The Reading Momster

Yes, I have done it, I self hosted. After years of procrastinating and self – doubt, I did it, YAY! And it is called The Reading Momster.

The Reading Momster
The Reading Momster

I still have my old site “Our Ordinary Life”. Because I am still importing a lot of stuff from there.


I love my blog, this is one place where I just love to hang out.And  I love to write, I love to be heard, I loveee attention. And this blog is always ready to listen. I did bring ALL posts from way back. I am even attached to those, LOL!


Why The Reading Momster?

Because I am a Mom and a Monster. And the only thing I do apArt from keeping my bubs alive is read to them. So The Reading Momster is so apt and so me, I just had to use that. Of course I  did contemplate adding Lazy, Crazy and all that, but I am going to keep short and sweet


I am still working on the LOOK though, not 100 percent there. People who know me, know I love changing up the look and feel often. Change is the only Constant, eh? So I need to work on header, and some plugins/widgets. Do share which Plugins/ Widgets have worked for you.

Right now, I am working on bring in all my subscribers and followers over which is a bit tricky, other things have taken a back-seat. So show me some comment love and tell me what do you think of The Reading Momster? The good, the bad – anything and everything, share away friends.

That’s it people, keeping my post real short this one time, I hope to see you soon with more. Here, I start my new journey, with loads of love and optimism! hope to find inspiration in our everyday madness.


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4 thoughts on “Brand new Site – The Reading Momster

  1. Hi,

    The Reading Momster.

    Congratulations for the new self-hosted blog. Look forward to reading more from you. All the best. See you around. 🙂


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