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Do you keep all your unread books together, like books in a waiting room? Or are they scattered throughout your shelves, mingling like party-goers waiting for the host to come along?

All my unread books are in a pile …all together! I keep the most recent ones together, then there is a pile full of old books that I have collected but not read over the years… and then there are others that I have started but not quite made any progress on! All in different neat piles.
The books I have finished go into desk drawers, so that I don’t mix them all up!

What about you Ladies!?!

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  1. Very orgnised! My unread are in boxes sort of in preferences of when I think I might like to read them, but that is subject to my whims quite frequently

  2. A few weeks ago I finally separated my unread books from my read books and it was a little scary! And it's gotten scarier and scarier ever since because I can't stop buying books! Lol. But it's a good feeling to finish one and then get to put it back on the shelf where it belongs :-)And thank you for stopping by my blog with your kind words. Your blog is quite nice, too! Very appealing! 😀

  3. I'm exactly like you… I have books piled on my floor and in two bookshelves. I can't even use my desk because it's covered . Then there are the three boxes filled with new books.I usually keep new books together unless they're in a series. Then I make sure all the books in the series are together. My ABRB(already been read books) are stacked pretty much together. Okay did any of that make sense..:-)Thanks Veen for dropping by and posting my weekly Giveaway here!

  4. So organized Veens! I have a bookshelf deveoted to finished books and a couple to books I haven't read yet. I tried to keep them in alpha order but gah–that got too hard to keep up with. 🙂

  5. Melody, 🙂 You have too many books :)That's a good thing!Mae, Yep. I don't have many you see! And I need to invest in a book-shelf soon! real soon!Dot, thats really good!BooksPlease, Thank You.AnthonyNorth, Thank You.Julia, That's neat!Violet, I saw your pic 🙂 And it is ok to have all of them mixed up!Shari, Thank You.Jo, Same here, i have stacked them in the order I might want to read. Whic means I go about re-ordering, pulling them out and putting them back in most of the times. Schatzi, :)Melissa, Thank You for dropping by here! It sure feels good to finish one book and put ti back where it belongs… satisfying realy! And thank you for your KIND words@!Nicole, 🙂 That's ok, at least they are neat!Marie, 🙂 People w/o shelves have to do that. And it is a great way really! Keeps them organized and neat!okbolover, :DIliana, you will that pretty soon 🙂 Waiting for your reviews!Beth, that's funny! :DChristine, Thank You for dropping by! Your books are all in neat pile! Thank You for the givweaway!Natalie, 🙂 That's ok ;). My table has atleast 2 books all the time!Trish, That's neat and organized! it is ok, I don't have them in any order 😉

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