Bumboo – The Donkey who wouldn’t Budge by Sujatha Padmanabhan

Do you know of a Donkey named Bumboo? He lives in Ladakh with his little friend Padma and her family! Bumboo helps Padma’s family in many ways and lives with many other animals in a pen next to where Padma and her family lives. Bumboo loves Padma and she him.bumboo

But Bumboo was different from other Donkeys, and Padma notices it first. Bumboo behaved oddly the minute Sun went down, he would just fall down on his knees whereever he is and wouldn’t budge from their till the next morning.

After an incident, Padma’s father calls Bumboo useless, and decides to sell him off because he is of no use to him. At the crux of losing Bumboo forever, Padma is desperate to find a cure for this when someone unexpected comes and gives her the cure.


Did you know that this story is based on a true incident? That yes, there is a Bumboo, out there somewhere! The story is beautiful and inspiring. There is a freshness to this story that you crave for, and I bet you haven’t heard any version of this story anywhere. The love of Padma and her brother Nono, her Ladakh Life, food, festivals – all depicted with gorgeous illustrations, is a treat!

You feel you are transported to the Gorgeous place instantly when you open this book. The illustrations by Madhuvanti Anantharajan, are soft, heart – warming and such a feel-good – it spreads happiness!

From the minute, I got hold of this book, I have loved reading this book again and again! Published by Eklavya Publication, this book is the winner of “Best Picture Book (Story)” at The Hindu Young world Goodbooks Award! This book is ideal for 5 plus kids!

As we read this book, my kids always want to know more about Ladakh, we see gorgeous pics of Ladakh, and plan out our trips. But more than that we dream of having our own little pen full of animals and a yard with a tree that blooms with pink flowers, sigh!

This post is part of my BlogChatter A2Z Challenge, and the theme of my posts Indian Picture Books from A to Z. You can read my 1st post - The Alphabet of Animals and Birds by Prabha Mallaya!

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