Bye Bye Mom

This post "Bye Bye Mom" is Part of the #AtoZBlogchatter April 2018 challenge! Read all my posts for the challenge here!

There are few times when you have to be a mom! Your natural instinct is one that you use almost daily. But I have felt really awesome when I take the Mom Hat and keep it aside for awhile and be a kid with the kids. The days become more fun, when I act like a kid with my kids.

So for Letter ‘ B ‘ for the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge, I am telling you to set the Mom Cap aside for awhile and get on your feet and play with the kids.

Is it not tiring to always be the  Adult around? To be cooking, cleaning and being a mom that you forget to have any fun at all. I remember for the most part of the day you can’t seem to get out and mingle with adults – because having kids and taking care of them is exhausting right?

So what if, you get down on your knees and take a go at the crawl race instead? Or have you tried the Back Swim on the Floor race [ a favorite of the monkeys and their father ]

Here are some of our favorite games –

  • Back Swim Race on the floor
  • Burst the Balloons using your Bum, NO HANDS allowed [ this is HILARIOUS]
  • Crawl Race
  • Pillow fight
  • Put the Sofa cushions and other random stuff to make a hurdle race!

These are some of our favorites, and now these are not for the kids alone, its for you and your spouse to get down and have fun! So what are your favorite games / silly games to play with the kids?

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