#A2ZofReadingAloud – Born to Read – Baby Books and More

The number of questions I receive weekly are mostly from new Moms, all very eager to start Reading Aloud, but don’t know where to start!   I love the eagerness, and the need to do it right, and I also realise that we are surrounded by thousands of books available for babies, so how does one choose and which ones will form the long term bond and many more questions. Let’s find out – When do I start reading to Babies? here is no right or wrong time to read to your bubba. Research says that, babies in 3rd trimester Continue Reading

#A2ZofReadingAloud – Appreciating the Reading Aloud Experience

Reading Aloud is not science, it is a natural consequence of a parent’s need to show the beautiful world of books to their children. If you love books, it is something that you would do. But what if you aren’t a reader at all, then reading aloud is a task, and not the merry enjoyment that one would expect. My top 10 reasons to Read Aloud? My first answer, is always because it is fun. But there are so many more benefits to reading aloud for kids, and later with kids. Reading aloud helps our kids understand how to use language Continue Reading