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I have no idea how I reached Maureen Johnson‘s blog, but I did and I am so HAPPY I did. The title of the post on her blog intrigued me.. ROBERT LANGDON: A LOVE STORY I had to read it… and if you have read The Lost Symbol or any of Dan Brown’s books, you ought to read it. I assure you, you will laugh your heart out on this one! I totally LOVED this post of hers. A beloafered jerk in a Mickey Mouse watch whose only known routine

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, #3) By Dan Brown Published September 15th, 2009 HardCover, 509 Pages From, Vehicles move through the murky night, carrying highly secret material. And that clandestine material will only be available — after midnight – to those who have signed non-disclosure notices. The plot of the new Dan Brown novel? No, it’s actually how reviewers such as myself obtained our copies of the much-anticipated The Lost Symbol, the follow-up to The Da Vinci Code. And as we read it in (literally) the cold light of

Deception Point by Dan Brown

Deception PointBy Dan BrownPublished March 28th 2006 (first published 2001) by Pocket557 pages From the back cover, A shocking scientific discovery.A conspiracy of staggering brilliance.A thriller unlike any you’ve ever read…. When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory — a victory with profound implications for NASA policy and the impending presidential election. To verify the authenticity of the find, the White House calls upon the skills of intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton. Accompanied by a

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