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We HAVE winners!!!!!! Cleopatra’s Daughter’s winner is BETHANY [YAY!!!!!!!!!]ANDHeretic Queen’s winner is SUKO [YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] I will email YOU!! Thank You ALL for participating! And THANK YOU Michelle Moran for making this giveaway happen! Remember Cleopatra’s Daughter hits the stands on Sept. 15th… if you can go ahead and buy it… it is a wonderful read!

**Surprise Surprise** Giveaway and a Guest Post!

Michelle Moran, bestselling author of Nefertiti [my review] and The Heretic Queen graciously accepted to do a guest post for me! Can’t tell you how excited I am! A hearty welcome to this talented author.Here you go~~ Why Cleopatra’s daughter? It all began with a dive. Not the kind of dive you take into a swimming pool, but the kind where you squeeze yourself into a wetsuit and wonder just how tasty your rump must appear to passing sharks now that it looks like an elephant seal. My husband and

I really wanted to blog about this Giveaway.. It is Awesome

Yep! That’s like an awesome giveaway!Open Internationally!Seriously!All you need to do is 1) Competition is only open to followers of Alaine‘s only. So if you’re not a follower then just click on the follow button in the column on the right. 2. For an extra entry post about this give-away on your blog. 3. For another extra entry follow me on Twitter and post the comp on Twitter. 4. You must leave your email address in the comments section otherwise you won’t be eligible. This competition is International and will

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