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Play Shifu Space Explorer Box – Review

After we tried our Play Shifu Travel box and had loads of fun, we decided to try Play Shifu Space Explorer Box! We are having a lot of fun with our Play Shifu Space Explorer Box, and here is our review of it!   Unravel the Cosmic Mysteries with the Play Shifu Space Explorer Box!!  And as expected after our great experience with Play Shifu’s Travel Box this was super hit with Aarya, we had a field day with his favorite Space Box We have been using PLAY SHIFU’s SPACE EXPLORER box for 3 weeks now. . . And I…

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Republic Day activities
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Favourite Indian Republic Day Activities and Reads!

India’s 67th Republic Day is here and like every year, we decided to do some activities to understand the meaning and the importance of this day in history for us. So here are some of our Favourite Indian Republic Day Activities and reads! For understanding Republic day and it’s significance we hunted out our copy of We the Children of India a preamble to our constitution by Leila Seth ( Buy on Amazon.in). Leila Seth, the first woman judge of the Delhi High Court and the first woman Chief Justice of a state in India – is the esteemed author of…

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Getting Back to my Space, my love!

Hi everyone, Back Again after a LONG break. I missed this space a lot, so I am back again! Hope to post some Good Christmas books, we have been reading! What are you all reading?  

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Picture Books about Lord Ganesha!

We all celebrate Lord Ganesha’s birthday and it was a special treat to hear all the stories that Grandparents lovingly told about the naughty yet wise Elephant God! This year along with Lord Ganesha’s idol, bring home some Picture books about Lord Ganesha and enjoy them! Just like icing on the cake, nothing can be better than listening to your Granny telling you stories, but books will add to the lovely experience! 1. Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth by Emily Haynes and Sanjay Gupta Sanjay Gupta’s illustrations in this adorable story about Ganesha’s sweet tooth makes it a notch irresistible! Who doesn’t like…

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