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Marley & Me!

At the start of 2010, I unconciously made a promise to myself that I will read only happy, feel- good books. This was more to lift my spirits up and smile than to feel pain, sadness et all! Well I need to be happy and smiling and with the stress of everyday life, this small little thing never seems to be the case with me and I am sure a good makes-you-smile book is all I need to pump up my spirits. And well like a breath of fresh air, Marley & Me was just the book I needed! What…

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When I was a Soldier by Valeri Zennati

When I was a SoldierBy Valerie Zenatti235 PagesPublished in 2005 When I was a Soldier is the story of a teenage girl named Valerie who has this perfect life of a teenager with 2 best friends whom she hangs out with all the time. After her bac exam, Valerie like everyone just turning 18, gets ready to start the 2 years of compulsory military service. This memoir is an account of her experience in the military service.It is nothing like you could imagine happening in your own country. In Israel, boy or girl turning 18 after there high school exams…

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