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Kung Fu Panda 2

My 10 year old nephew and me had planned last month that come what may we had to see Kung Fu Panda 2. We had both LOVED Kung Fu Panda and had seen the trailer of the new one which released her the day of my husand’s birthday. But ofcourse we couldn’t go the first week but we finally went last Saturday and his mother too, because she wanted to know why we were so excited about this one… And it was just Fantastic, I loved it… and so did

Movie Chat #1

In 2011, I thought I would love to┬ácatalog┬ámy thoughts on the many movies we see (Hubby and me) –   After hearing a lot about this movie, especially from a cousin – who just said “you have to watch it”, Hubby got the DVD last week for us to watch the movie on Saturday and wow! It is brilliant, awesome and must-watch. I am thinking of buying the DVD and watching this once again. I love all the actors esp. Leonardo, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page – everyone. Marion Cottilard is


Synopsis: Mike Enslin, bestselling author of “true” ghost stories, decides to spend the night in New York City’s most haunted hotel room. But he must live to write about it without the help of his ex best-friends, his trusty smokes. I had a choice, I could say “no” to watching this one…but I decided to be brave and watched it.Verdict – I am not ever going to read the book! It was so scary, Period. This movie was based on ~~

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