Be aware about Influenza #MomVsFlu

Source Influenza spreads around the world in a yearly outbreak, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness Influenza, commonly known as Flu is an illness caused by the Influenza Virus which attacks the respiratory tract of humans, animals, and birds! The person who gets this infection, suffers from fever, headache, cough and feels tired all the time. Some people are also known to develop sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. What is Flu/ Influenza? Influenza viruses is of 3 types: Types A, B & C. Type A has multiple subtypes and infects multiple species: Human, Avian, Swine, Continue Reading

Blessings of a Home Library!

On Instagram, we started off our #BookishMomsandBeyond Challenge yesterday [ September 1, 2018 ] and while I sat their sifting through books perfect for the challenge’s first prompt – I saw my son busy reading his favourite books from back when he was a tot. He sat their reading the book to my younger one and that is the image I carry in my head as I talk to you about the Blessings of a Home Library! So here are reasons I decided I wanted to have a library of books for my kids – My son is not a Continue Reading

Thatha at School by Richa Jha and Illustrated by Gautam Benegal

Title – Thatha At School Written by Richa Jha Illustrated by Gautam Benegal In Richa Jha’s Thatha at school – Oviyam’s school is celebrating Grandparent’s day and all kids are expected to bring their Grandparents. Everyone is excited about this but Oviyam is not. Ovi doesn’t want her Thatha [ grandfather in Tamil ] to come to school. It is not because she doesn’t love him, but because of his attire. He would only wear Dhoti everyhere he went and Ovi felt embarresed to take him to school, surely all her friends will laugh right? She decides to throw the Continue Reading

My First Book of London by Charlotte Guillain

My First Book of London by Charlotte Guillain is a Non fiction Picture book published by Bloomsbury Books. Book Name : My First Book of London Author : Charlotte Guillain Illustrated by Roland Dry London is a beautiful city and is one of the most sought after travel destinations too. This beautiful hardcover book is just perfect to have a bookilicious tour of London. One look at the Table of contents, and you know all the famous Landmarksa is covered! A handy map of London is provided fr kids to pour over it! And this is a great add- on because my Continue Reading

Simple ways to make Brushing fun for toddlers

I never had a day when Brushing the toddler was easy. The Morning Routine which included Brushing was easily the most time – consuming and frustrating of all experiences. I have used tons of methods but the below have worked the best for me and I hope this helps you too. So here are 4 simple ways to make brushing fun and do read my review of the new favorite find – Mamaearth berry blast toothpaste Make a Story I usually have monsters attcking her front teeth anad then jumping to her back teeth and make the toothbrush into a Continue Reading