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Really Random Tuesdays

We had a fantastic New Year and Wedding Anniversary Celebrations 🙂 And Aarya’s Playschool just started as well… We are slowly getting back up from holiday-mode to school/work-mode 🙂 Beautiful Music never ages and I just re-listened to my all-time favorite song 🙂 I love this singer too… I hope you guys like it too. I hope you enjoy it too. My favorite cover-love for the week is – I saw this cover in a list featured on this post titled “19 Beautiful book cover designs for your inspiration”. It

Really Random Tuesdays

My FB status today tells the mommie tales … So I did the noble task of teaching the kiddo how to water the plants. And now he does the noble task of cleaning the window with water squirting all over the apartment from his little tumbler. I am going to hide in here in case anybody got watered outside in this process :-/ Aarya turned 2 in April and is on a real naughty mode right now 🙂 I hope to cruise through this phase without any mishaps 😉 I

Monday + Tuesday = MonTueday

Sorry for the most horrible title to this post, but I wanted to just say that I am going to combine my Monday and Tuesday post today 🙂 Today I am feeling super good, because I had an amazing weekend. Saturday was spent with my parents, shopping and Sunday with my Husband and his Brother’s family eating an awesome dinner. By the way, if you are in Mumbai – do check out Bistro Grill (Arabic food) – really awesome goodness – Loved the food there. Reading-wise, I read Sarah Dessen’s

Really Random Tuesdays!

Hello Everyone… It is raining cats and dogs here. While I do love the rains, it is the infections and troubles it brings with it, that I hate. Aarya suffered from viral fever this past week and now that he is alright, the virus has given him some nasty rashes. The fever was very hard on him, I think this has to be the longest fever he has had till date. I told you about the books I am reading in my Monday post but I did not tell you

Hullaaa! Really Random Post!

I seem to have become an expert in going from active to silent mode on this blog without even sending a message to all my friends out there… I am really sorry about this 🙁 We have been in Mumbai for 2 months now and it has been 1 month since we started staying in an rented apartment on our own. I really have started to like this new place… so fast, so furious… and still so subtly similar to  good old Mysore where I lived for some years. We got internet

Really Random Tuesday – a Day Early with a Gush Fest!

I hope you all are having a great day and with holidays coming up, I am sure you all are very busy with all the things that need to be done. We went to Aarya’s rice eating ceremony at the end of November. Or parents were already there and it was fun minus the travel in the car to Kerala (8 hours). We have decided not to go by car anymore J Rice eating Ceremony is generally held in the 6th month, but because of the death of my Hubby’s

Really Random Tuesdays #7

Hello my friends, I hope you had a great last week, for us it was Diwali time – festival of lights – the triumph of of gppd over evil – the triumph that light of knowledge has over darkeness. All through the year, just like other festivals, we wait for this one – where we light up the houses with Diyas (lamps) and sounds of crackers goes on and on for 2-3 days at least. It is nice, to see everyone, everyplace decked up at nights, with beautiful lights, lamps

Really Random Tuesdays #6

Hello Everyone, Welcome to yet another installment of Really Random Tuesdayshosted by a very beautiful  blogger, Suko. I hope you guys are having a great week! I started off this month with high hopes of completing 31 Shots of Shock, but midway through October I simply could not read for some days and before I knew I was way way way behind. Well, my only respite is not completing this challenge, but I have really liked reading horror stories after a long long time. I am proud of myself for doing as much

Really Random Tuesdays #5

Hello Everyone, Welcome to yet another installment of Really Random Tuesdays hosted by a very beautiful  blogger, Suko. I hope you guys are having a great week! Really I have couple of books going on, but most of all I am reading short stories for 31 Shots of Shock. Right now I am very edgy and jumpy! The shorts read so far are – The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell (my review) The Dead Woman’s Photograph by Anonymous (my review) Eternal Love by Kathy Lynn Blaylock (my review) An account of some

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