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Easy Chicken recipe #2 – Chicken Handi

Yep… I wrote Chicken Handi in the title. Yes! That Chicken Handi that you order from the restaurants. Here I am going to post an easy version of it (inspired from this post, I have changed it here and there to suit whatever was available with me at that point of time)   Ingredients – Oil 2-3 tsps Chicken (boneless) 250 grams Ginger/Garlic Paste 2 tsp Tomatoes (skinned & chopped) 2-3 Onions (thinly sliced) 1 Plain Flour 1 tsp Cream 1/4 cup Milk 1/4 cup Ginger (julienne) 2 tsp {optional}

Easy Chicken recipe #1

I buy a lot of boneless chicken sometimes because it cooks fast and sometimes you can make really delicious and easy curries in less than 30 mins. Yesterday after work, Hubby wanted something with chicken and as it was almost dinnertime I cooked this curry which was done in 15 mins. I got inspiration from a Chicken Handi recipe ( which I forgot to bookmark) and as I had no time to do THAT, I did this. Ingredients – Boneless Chicken – 150 gms cut in to bite size pieces

Fishy Sunday

Sundays cooking has to have something different, something yummy and today Hubby wanted me to prepare Fish. Sadly I am not very good at making fish curry/ fry and personally I am not a huge fan either but I found a very very simple fish curry recipe which turned out very tasty too 🙂 Here is the recipe and I got it from a very nice blog called Simple and Delicious! Fish ( I used nai-meen or seer fish) – 250gms Onions – 1 chopped finely Tomato – 1 chopped

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