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Book Love: Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn by Jo Boon

Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn By Jo Boon, Illustrated by Tina Toth Series of Children’s Adventure Stories Available on Kindle! This is the first story in the series, ‘The Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn’. A series of children’s adventure stories – gender neutral & inspiring confidence! Once upon a time, in a magical far off land, there lived a glitter pup. The glitter pup came from a long line of glitter puppies who had magical fur that sparkled and shone. Glitter pup was one of the 5 siblings and like almost all siblings they fought , and Glitter Pup runs…

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A Calendar too Crowded – review

I have been in a “reading-block” sort of phase for quite a while now. But I did think of getting back to my blog with some recipes and stuff, but how funny – I am here to talk about a book! I had no idea what I was getting into, when I agreed to read and review Sagarika Chakraborty’s “A Calendar too Crowded” but I must say now that I am moved, sad, happy and baffled (I am not sure this was possible!) Charaborty’s book is a collection of stories “that represent the millions of female voices that seek to…

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