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Book Love: Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn by Jo Boon

Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn By Jo Boon, Illustrated by Tina Toth Series of Children’s Adventure Stories Available on Kindle! This is the first story in the series, ‘The Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn’. A series of children’s adventure stories – gender neutral & inspiring confidence! Once upon a time, in a magical far off land, there lived a glitter pup. The glitter pup came from a long line of glitter puppies who had magical fur that sparkled and shone. Glitter pup was one of the 5 siblings and like almost all siblings they fought , and Glitter Pup runs…

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Skola's Wooden Building Blocks
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Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks and Why are they are great Pre – STEM toy

If you have been following along, I have been talking about giving thoughtful toys as gifts to kids! Wooden Building Blocks is one of my favourite open- ended building toy and Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks Toys are not only beautiful but thoughtfully made!! Skola’s Wooden Blocks are such a simple toy but they help toddlers to develop such a wide array of total development – from intellectual to motor skills to language to socio-emotional – how you ask? just read on! What are Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks? This toy comes as a Set of 50 wooden blocks of various shapes arranged in a wooden…

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Mamaearth anti hairfall kit
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Mom Needs Care : MamaEarth Anti HairFall Kit Review

I have known beautiful hair, before pregnancy [ even though thin] my hair were healthy, no hairfall, and just glorious hair that I would still complain about, arghh!! Now I have more hairfall than hair on my scalp, and truth be told I comb very few times, because I cannot bear to see the hair on the comb! Does this sound like your story too, I bet you are a MOM too 🙂 and this hair- fall probably worsened everytime you got pregnant, yes ? – me too! SO I was quite Excited to try Mamaearth Anti Hairfall kit so…

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Kids Skin Care With Softsens Babycare range
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Kids Skin Care with Softsens Products!

Who likes the smell of Freshly Bathed Baby-buns? Me!!! Even after they are well past their toddlerhood, I still love to put my head into their freshly bathed cheeks and soak in the goodness, ummmm! Its not just babies, is it? all age ranges need skin care – and here is a post that I have been meaning to put together for some time because I have 2 kids with totally different skins and needs, and kids skin care is important because it is a precursor to them learning to take care of themselves!   View this post on Instagram Who…

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STEM toy for kids
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STEM Toys For Kids

I am not talking about  a part of a plant, but STEM is an acronym ( and a popular one) for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! STEM is an integrated approach to building future – ready, creative thinkers who will be the pioneers of new age advancements! If you remember I wrote about how conscious and thoughtful thinking is required when we buy toys as gifts for our little ones?! Now I am going to tell you why you need to know about STEM, why STEM is important and then STEM toys for kids! And if you stay till the…

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Wandering Foodie – Sweets for the Tiny and the Big Ladoos

Is it not my favorite part of the year or what! I want to introduce Wandering Foodie! Your festival season is sorted with this box of goodness. Let me tell you how! What does Festivities mean to you? For me, it means Family and Food and tons of sweets! Is it not the same for everyone? After wrapping up Garba nights, we are already looking forward to Diwali! The one thing constant in all the festivities, even if you say no to new clothes, or new something else, you never say NO to SWEETS. From Prasad, to gifts, sweets make…

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