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Book Love: Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn by Jo Boon

Book Love: Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn by Jo Boon

Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn By Jo Boon, Illustrated by Tina Toth

Series of Children’s Adventure Stories

Available on Kindle!

This is the first story in the series, ‘The Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn’. A series of children’s adventure stories – gender neutral & inspiring confidence!

Once upon a time, in a magical far off land, there lived a glitter pup. The glitter pup came
from a long line of glitter puppies who had magical fur that sparkled and shone. Glitter pup was one of the 5 siblings and like almost all siblings they fought , and Glitter Pup runs away far off from it’s home.

Finally Glitter pup finds itself alone in the forest with no way of getting back when it sees a Unicorn, who helps the Pup to understand its feelings.Glitter Pup & Little Unicorn

A lovely books for Siblings, and I love that it is gender-neutral, and that the author has been very careful to keep this book positive, to help reinforce the fact that it is ok to be upset, but it is not ok to run away from a sticky situation. Small kids have such big emotions, and to help them understand how to handle it and work with it so important, and this little book helps kid understand the power of sorry.

Reading POV, I found that the book is a easy read for 6 plus, and can be read to kids 4 plus. The illustrations are adorable and beautiful! And the story uses simple to read texts and easy words, and it is a good early reader! Aarya found the illustrations really cute and he could easily read the story. Anjali loved the Unicorn specially <3

Glitter Pup & little Unicorn is available on Kindle to buy and also availble on Kindle Unlimited! I am sure the little kids will truly enjoy this book ! This is a series, and now we are eagerly waiting the rest of the books in this series!

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Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks and Why are they are great Pre – STEM toy

Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks and Why are they are great Pre – STEM toy

If you have been following along, I have been talking about giving thoughtful toys as gifts to kids! Wooden Building Blocks is one of my favourite open- ended building toy and Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks Toys are not only beautiful but thoughtfully made!! Skola’s Wooden Blocks are such a simple toy but they help toddlers to develop such a wide array of total development – from intellectual to motor skills to language to socio-emotional – how you ask? just read on!

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

What are Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks?

Skola's Wooden Building BlocksThis toy comes as a Set of 50 wooden blocks of various shapes arranged in a wooden tray and packed in an elegant printed Skola Doodle Box. Comes with a detailed instruction manual as well, but I suggest not to show the kids any manual, and let them explore and work their way through it.

How to use Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks?

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

Block Play not only works on their motor skills, it also works on so many other development areas of a tot! Skola’s Wooden Building Blocks are my goto wooden blocks of choice!


  1. Toddlers at first explore through touch, they understand weight, they understand the texture, before they work on balancing.
  2. Toddlers then learn about the different shapes associated with each block. If the kiddo is interested this will be a good time to introduce the name of these shapes.
  3. Work on vocabulary by talking about whether the block is heavy or light; big or small; wide or tall; dump; stack; and so on. Child – led language development always results in positive results
  4. Most toddlers [ including both my kids] are interested in kicking/smashing down the block tower we make. This is a development cue and use this to work on the tots hand-eye coordination, can she break the block tower with a bat; if she can – give her a ball and move her away and work on her aim and coordination. [ Don’t pursue if she gets frustrated, that means she isn’t ready so give it time and try again later]
  5. According to research it is proved that the toddlers who play with blocks at an early stage [as young as 2 or 3] are proven to do well in Math. How? Wooden Blocks are great toys to develop spatial awareness, an important precursor to Geometry!

3 year olds

  1. You will see that a preschooler plays very differently than a toddler and most of the time that destructive edge would disappear and this little kiddo would start making simple constructions
  2. Encourage pretend play and Skola’s Wooden Blocks
  3. They are learning concepts such as sorting, ordering, counting, one to one correspondence, size and shape

4 – 5 year olds

“Block play shows the opportunity for conceptual understanding in the area of structural engineering as children explore forces of gravity, compression, tension and the relationship between materials and successful design to achieve balance, stability, and even aesthetic sensibility.”

 “Constructive Play” written by Walter Frew

  1. 4- 5 year olds become more expressive and their constructions are more impressive, and a lot of thought is put into them!
  2. Constructive play involves play that is more open- ended and exploratory
  3. Socially, four and five year olds are beginning to share ideas and are starting to cooperate and build with others
  4. One can see that the kids start clubbing the blocks with other toys like people – figurines to expand the possibilities!
  5. They are learning patterns, classification, sequencing, counting, fractions, problem solving and more.
  6. At this stage parents can introduce the 3D shapes and names of those like cone, cylinder, sphere etc!

What can Parents do to Encourage the kids

Parents who engage in active play through creative exploration with any material have a more positive impact on kids and thus encourage the kids to do the same. SO keeps those phones away and get down on the floor and build and play! It is also important because parents who play develop an understanding and appreciation of play!

5 Ways to Extend kids Play with Skola’s Wooden Building blocks right now –  

Free open ended play is the best way to play with bock, but we can extend and include some learning by doing these simple yet intentional activities with kids!

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks

  1. They tray already has the 2D shapes printed on the tray holding the blocks for a matching activity. I also love the fact that in addition to matching, this also encourages the kids to sort and keep it neatly back, a big positive for parents following Montessori Parenting, schooling.Skola's wooden building blocks
  2. For toddlers, who are just starting out draw the 2 D shapes on a paper a little far apart and let them match the basic shapes. If you are just starting out, start with just 3 or 5 shapes and then increase
  3. The Fill in Game – Create a rectangular boundary and challenge your preschooler to fill it with blocks without leaving any space between these blocks. This encourage creative thinking
  4. Make letters with the shapes, for an easy Alphabet activity!
  5. Encourage the kids to make a maze with the blocks, and then move a marble or a ball or anything through this maze without touching the blacks. Lots of coordinations and quick thinking required to do this one!

If you need more convincing on why Skola’s wooden building blocks are such great Pre- STEM toys, don’t forget to read my post on Toys that prepare the youngest of kids for STEM Learning!

Block play is fundamental to the growth and development of children.  It is an activity which should be a part of every child’s experience throughout the early years.

Skola's Wooden Building Blocks
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Mom Needs Care : MamaEarth Anti HairFall Kit Review

Mom Needs Care : MamaEarth Anti HairFall Kit Review

I have known beautiful hair, before pregnancy [ even though thin] my hair were healthy, no hairfall, and just glorious hair that I would still complain about, arghh!! Now I have more hairfall than hair on my scalp, and truth be told I comb very few times, because I cannot bear to see the hair on the comb! Does this sound like your story too, I bet you are a MOM too 🙂 and this hair- fall probably worsened everytime you got pregnant, yes ? – me too! SO I was quite Excited to try Mamaearth Anti Hairfall kit so that I can Kick the Extended – Postpartum Hairloss OUT of my Life!!

Who is Mamaearth?

Mamaearth was started by Parents- Ghazal and Varun, when they were expecting their first child. Mamaearth is the only MadeSafe certified brand in Asia! From Baby products to Mom- Products, this is one brand that has natural, safe and amazing product lines!


Why did I choose Mamaearth?!

SO before I go completely go bald with this Hairfall [ and because Anjali does pretend-play Barber most times, pulling more hair out], I decided I needed something that I could use! I found Mamaearth Anti Hairfall Kit by seeing quite a few reviews of it online, and I am glad they sent me a complete kit to use. [ I got a personal Note too, How sweet are the people there?!]

According to the Box, this kit has to be used for 6 weeks, entirely to see good results, I am on week 2, and here is my review of the productsMamaearth anti hairfall kit

What’s Inside – MamaEarth Anti Hairfall Kit

Full of natural and organic bioactives which help promote hair fall control & hair regrowth. these products are Dermatologically tested, all hair types – approved, with no silicones, no mineral – oil, no sulfates — completely safe products for your hair <3  [Buy the Hairball kit from Mamaearth Site]

The Kit includes

  • Root restore hair oil
  • Happy heads Shampoo
  • No more Tangles conditioner
  • Pre Growth Hair tonic


mama earth anti hairfall kit

Root Restore Hair Oil –

Mamaearth anti hairfall kit

The first thing that struck me was the beautiful smell of the product. I could smell the Bhringraj Oil immediately. You need very little of this oil as it spreads quite well on the entire scalp! Empowered with some of my favourite oils – Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Orange Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Bhringraj Oil  – this is an awesome product! Buy it here

Happy Heads Shampoo

Mamaearth anti hairfall kit

Made with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Amla Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Tea Tree Oil –  this helps with gentle cleaning without any harmful chemicals, and scalp nourishment. This doesn’t completely dry out my scalp overtime I use, my hair feels fresh and smells amazing! BUY IT HERE

No More Tangles Conditioner-

this helps with my Tangle problem. Yes yes yes, my favourite thing, I have been handling highly tangled hair for so long, thank you Mamaearth for making an all natural product for this! Smells amazing too <3It works on Tangles, frizz and brittle hair, how cool is that? This helps with my Tangle problem. Yes yes yes, my favourite thing, I have been handling highly tangled hair for so long, thank you Mamaearth for making an all natural product for this! Smells amazing too <3 Buy it here

Pro Growth Hair Tonic-

mama earth anti hairball kit

This little bottle is the real deal. This helps strengthen the roots and thus reduces hairless and increases hair density <3 I love how light this tonic is, you can live it on, and the hair doesn’t really feel greasy! The smell I really strong, when you first apply it, but it tends to just fade away <3 BUY it here

MY Verdict

I am totally converted to all natural, chemical, diet free products for my household after I saw the video on how these affect us and our future generations! And that’s why, I am absolutely impressed with Mamaearth products and I am so happy that they are 100 percent chemical free, I am so looking forward to trying more of their children’s as well as mom-products. I am YET to decide if my Hairfall is reduced, please do follow my Instagram stories, to keep seeing updates on my hairfall or better anti-hairfall journey !! Thank you Ghazal, for making these products,

Much Love from another Mom <3

Kids Skin Care with Softsens Products!

Kids Skin Care with Softsens Products!

Who likes the smell of Freshly Bathed Baby-buns? Me!!! Even after they are well past their toddlerhood, I still love to put my head into their freshly bathed cheeks and soak in the goodness, ummmm! Its not just babies, is it? all age ranges need skin care – and here is a post that I have been meaning to put together for some time because I have 2 kids with totally different skins and needs, and kids skin care is important because it is a precursor to them learning to take care of themselves!


Kids Skin Care – the Basics

Until about toddlerhood, we do everything for the kids but as they get more and more independent the kids always want to be able to wash themselves, bathe themselves and what not. Here are some basic things that I always try to show my kids

  • Always use Gentle Skin care products for the kids. Even though the preschooler is big girl now, there skin is still delicate so try using products with Natural and Hypoallergenic
  • Encourage regular wash with soaps [ after coming in, before and after eating etc]
  • Talcum powder never to be used near private parts, its not meant for that!
  • After Bathing, alway try to use the moisturiser liberally, that helps in the skin getting amply hydrated!
  • Healthy eating habits =. Good skin! Fruits and Vegetables are very important for good skin.
  • Drink lot of water and stay hydrated!

Kids Skin Care with SoftSens Baby Products

Kids Skin Care With Softsens Babycare range

We have been using Softsens with both the kids, and I love that they are –

  • Non-greasy formulation, making it perfect for all skin types, sensitive, dry or allergy-prone
  • Contains natural botanical essential oils of orange
  • Enriched with Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter,
  • Contains rich emollients & natural humactents, which leaves the skin nourished & well-hydrated from deep within
  • Completely safe with NO harsh chemicals
  • Recommended Age 0 months+
  • Tested in Europe and on par with international levels of safety
  • Hypoallergenic and 100% safe for baby
  • Dermatologically Tested for mildness
  • Alkali – Free
  • No synthetic colours
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Biodegradable

Kids Skin care range from Softsens include –

Kids Skin care range- Softsens Baby Cream –
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Cream

I absolutely love the feel of the skin after one applies that Shea butter and cream. this cream is loaded with it and loves the kids skin buttery soft! Buy it here

Kids Skin care range- Softsens Baby Lotion –
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Baby lotion

I like that it is non-greasy, easily spreads through the whole body, and the skin soaks it all in fast.and its leaves the skin fresh and moisturised! Buy it here!

Kids Skin care range- Softsens Baby Massage Oil
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Massage Oil

I always try and put in massages of full body on Weekends. For both my 3 and 7 year olds. Oil massages are great way to hydrate the skin, a good massage also aids in good blood flow and its just such a relaxing thing for the kids! I love using baby oil for this on both my kids! Buy it here!

Kids Skin care range-Softsens Baby Shampoo
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Baby Shampoo

Softsens Shampoo is specifically formulated with a ‘Tear Free’ formula  for cleaning the hair and scalp. Due to dust and dirt, we need to use the shampoo often and this is such a great product! Buy it here


Kids Skin care range-Softsens Baby Powder
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Baby Powder

Softsens Baby Powder helps absorb excess moisture, so baby’s skin is cool, clean & dry, yet soft & supple. Love the smell. Remember NOT to use it near the private parts! Buy it here

Kids Skin care range-Softsens Baby Wash
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Baby Wash

After a nice oil massage, leave the soap and use Softsen’s Body wash in a tub of water and let them play and have fun while the dirt and grease is washed away! <3 Buy it here

Kids Skin care range-Softsens Baby Milk Bar
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Baby Milk Bar

This is a delightful soap, leaves the skin so fresh and nourished, full of milk and doesn’t let Anjali’s skin go very dry 🙂 Buy it here


Kids Skin care range-Softsens Baby Wipes
Kids Skin Care with Softsens Baby Products
Softsens Baby Wipes

Raise your hand if you have bigger kids but you still carry wipes?! Goodness you can’t step out without these! So handy, so soft and very very useful. They are currently in my bag, so I don’t miss taking them when I am moving out fast! Buy these here!

I have been using them for 2 weeks now and have loved them a lot! Remember to teach the kids to take care of their skins, skin has to be taken care of well, its not about skin color, skin type even- a good skin care routine means -kids will always give priority to a clean and healthy lifestyle. And that is very important.

STEM Toys For Kids

STEM Toys For Kids

I am not talking about  a part of a plant, but STEM is an acronym ( and a popular one) for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! STEM is an integrated approach to building future – ready, creative thinkers who will be the pioneers of new age advancements! If you remember I wrote about how conscious and thoughtful thinking is required when we buy toys as gifts for our little ones?! Now I am going to tell you why you need to know about STEM, why STEM is important and then STEM toys for kids! And if you stay till the end, I am going to share some of my favourite toys that will prepare them for STEM!  STEM Toys for kids can be used after the age of 7, but for younger kids you can have a number of amazing toys that will pave the way for success in their chosen path later on!


What’s STEM?


It’s nothing new, neither old, but it is a learning approach which focuses on 4 main building blocks to help nurture the future work force who creatively finds new technological as well as scientific breakthroughs! We want more creative thinkers in today’s world and that’s what focusing on these 4 elements really does for the kids! So what are those 4 Elements – STEM and it stands for  Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.


Why is STEM Important?


STEM is just not about Learning! It is more about creatively thinking and implementing the creative ideas! Here are some pointers on why STEM is important and ultimately why one must invest in STEM toys for kids!

  • STEM helps in creative thinking. Expanding the kids minds by giving them early exposure to concepts with hands-on activities and toys
  • STEM helps in them applying their ideas inspired from a different exposure to create new implementation
  • STEM helps kid to observe – patiently, to understand the intricacies and to apply the same thoughtfully
  • More than anything, this early exposure gives our kids the confidence to work on bigger and better innovations!


How to incorporate STEM in Home Learning?


There are tons of activities that can be done with kids as small as 3 years old! Like I said, this is not a race to LEARN/MEMORIZE everything, Memorization, and Hands-on activities are quite different! By doing hands- on activities, we give Kids the exposure they so desire and require. We don’t need to force them to memorise concepts but we can encourage them to observe,  understand easily without the stress this memorisation brings!

Other than Hands-on-Activities [ follow my Pinterest boards to see tons of such activities pinned on a daily basis ], we sure can thoughtfully invest in STEM toys for kids that help them get more varied exposure!

How can we prepare kids for STEM?


Before kids can start working on STEM activities/ projects or before you would buy a STEM toy for kids, here are some pointers which help your youngest kiddo to get the right foundation for excelling.


  • Good Fine motor and gross motor control. this is very important. Even if the kid is able to master the pinch grasp, there is a lot muscle development required for her to master it completely. So keep looking out for more and such activities!
  • Visual discrimination is another important thing. We can work with the tots on color discrimination, pattern – matching and so many more things.
  • Spatial Awareness – the most important precursor for geometrical awareness, spatial awareness is really important for mathematical.
  • Awareness about STEM concepts at the most beginner level!


So what can Toys do to prepare kids for STEM?

Here are some of my favorites –


In my last post, I introduced you all to SKOLA! So today I am going to talk about why Skola is a great toymaker! Skola prepares a child for STEM learning. I love that Skola not only has some great Montessori-Inspired, Eco- friendly options, but also most of these toys are great preparation for STEM learning later on!


Skola helps children think creatively, enhances concentration and cognitive ability which is directly a STEM requirement and a precursor!

Toys that aid in STEM preparation  for kids.
Stem toys for kids

I love Building Blocks [ small ones for this age ], stacking toys, and car-ramps and so many more! Building block is a great investment because these help kids develop spatial awareness, geometrical awareness and hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor kills and what not! I highly recommend Wooden blocks because above all they help kids build patience and imagination! A Stacking toy not only works on their gross and fine motor skills, but also helps in hand – eye coordination, color recognition, size-awareness.

Something like a Cascade car helps a child to understand cause and effect. This is where a child is exposed to science. It   helps a child to register, process and comprehend.

I love the <a href = ‘”>Colour wheels set from Skola Toys </a> which encourages children to rotate wheels and then find the matching colours which involves examination, observation analysis and discovery. This process is true for all Skola Toys!

Have you seen this amazing Sand Pendulum from their Toy collection? Amazing right? Not only does it teach the concept of force, speed and the effect of motion and all the intricacies of the process, but also the art project at the end of it is truly magnificent. This would be a great tool for Aarya [older kids]

What would I choose?

I just can’t choose a favourite, there are so many amazing toys in their collection, that will add the much needed STEM quotient to our child’s toy collection! Look out for my next post real soon, where I am going to tell what Aarya and Anjali got from Skola Toys, and these amazing STEM Toys for kids will definitely be going Under our Christmas Tree this year!
Stem toys for kids




Wandering Foodie – Sweets for the Tiny and the Big Ladoos

Wandering Foodie – Sweets for the Tiny and the Big Ladoos

Is it not my favorite part of the year or what! I want to introduce Wandering Foodie! Your festival season is sorted with this box of goodness. Let me tell you how!

What does Festivities mean to you? For me, it means Family and Food and tons of sweets! Is it not the same for everyone?

After wrapping up Garba nights, we are already looking forward to Diwali! The one thing constant in all the festivities, even if you say no to new clothes, or new something else, you never say NO to SWEETS. From Prasad, to gifts, sweets make an integral part of our festivals. And what can be better than, handmade, preservative – free, healthy but traditional laddoos, all at your doorstep? Yep, you grab it with both hands and gobble it down. At least that’s what My Little Laddoos and the Big laddoo in my Home did when we received our box of goodness from Wandering Foodies!

Who IS Wandering Foodie, by the way?

Wandering Foodie promotes regional Indian cuisines and help each region create a distinct food identity. While ‘Indian Food’ is an all encompassing term, the sheer diversity in cultures in different parts of the country makes it mandatory to identify and respect each food culture separately.

Wandering Foodie explores and bring forth all the wonderful food offerings of India, already famous or yet hidden, in the most authentic way possible.


Wandering Foodie – the exciting Range of Ladoos

Buy On Wandering Foodie

Treats Box

  • A box of assorted Ladoos. This box has 4 types of Ladoos and thus makes a great option for gifting.
    Assorted Ladoos (4 each): Daraba (wheat) ladoo, Sattu Ladoo, Nachni (Ragi) Ladoo & Besan Ladoo with dry fruit garnishing!


Buy on Wandering Foodie

Sattu Ladoo

Sattu is a flour made from sand-roasted chickpeas (Bengal gram). It is an ancient, beloved ingredient of the Bihari cuisine, and has been used in earlier times as travel food and even soldiers’ food during wars as a reliable source of energy! It is an incredible source of protein and is also used for body building. ( info – Wandering Foodie). Sattu is different from besan. While both are derived from the same pulse, the procedure is different and so is the taste. Sattu is lighter and easier to digest than besan, and hence is ideal for ready-to-eat products.

Buy on Wandering Foodie

Nachni (Ragi) Ladoo –

Nachni and Ragi is known as super food in India. And its use is prevalant in Maharashtra and Karnataka. So making them into ladoos is prominent in Konkan as travel food due to its nutritious value and long life. Wandering Foodie has made these ladoos superior by using sprouted ragi flour in their preparation!



Buy on Wandering Foodie

Daraba Ladoo – Khandesh

This was our absolute favorite! My kids gobbled this up and the Husband dear also announced this as his favorite. Made of only four ingredients (wheat, desi ghee, sugar and cardamom), this ladoo is sure to steal your heart with its melt-in-mouth texture and subtle flavours. I know we will be getting this particular box for us this Diwali, and gifting a few others.


Why we love Wandering Foodie Ladoos

  • Unique and healthy ingredients. Ragi and Sattu – I know what the Grandparents will be gifted this year!IMG_4164-edited
  • Pure desi ghee (clarified butter) used. No vanaspati ghee used
  • Absolutely no preservatives. Only natural ingredients used
  • Soft, melt-in-mouth texture with desirable sweetness
  • Long shelf life – 3 months
  • No need to refrigerate.
  • They are packed in small round plastic balls which means that they don’t loose shape or break even when you send them to your friends and relatives over post!
  • You can order them online ( via  Wandering Foodie Shop), so convenient and they ship all over India
  • You can also order via Amazon (click to buy)!


I am thankful to Mom Bloggers United for this Opportunity and Wandering Foodie for sending us the Treats Box and the Daraba (Sandesh) Box – it was a complete surprise that my kids absolutely loved it and these ladoos were the highlight of our Navratri celebration. All images are either mine or taken from Wandering Foodie Site.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT – If you would love to order these unique, but absolutely mouth-watering box of goodness, do drop me a line and I will share with you an exclusive discount coupon ( which you can use on Wandering Foodie site)

Read more delicious reviews of this box of goodness at

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