Two Traditional folktale from Bhutan

I came across these 2 traditional folktales from Bhutan, while searching for picture books showcasing original stories from around the world. The 2 picture books that I am going to showcase here are beautiful traditional folktales from Bhutan. Both are written by Kunzang Choden and expertly illustrated by Pema Tshering!

Zubaan books published these 2 stories, for their littlest audience in 2011. Too bad, I came to know about this recently. The illustrations in both the books are such calm soft watercolor landscapes, which if you are a wanderlust like me, will want you to go right across the border to this beautiful and serene place.

Folktales from Bhutan – Room in your Heart

Room in our Hearty
Free Expression Watercolor Art made by 3 year old!

“Neypo Shong gna?”  “ Is there room for me” is the question asked by a host of visitors who  come to the old lady seeking shelter and some warm soup. But how will her little hut have space for so many people in her small little hut.


I was so touched, so inspired and so heartened by this tale. In our busy lives, where we do not even have neighbors coming over and are stuck in this concrete jungle, this was a refreshing tale of opening our hearts and our minds to new people, experiences. I completely fell in love with the sparse but adequate text, gorgeous illustration and the beautiful message.

 So, do you have Room in your heart?

Folktales from Bhutan – Aunty Mouse

Another beautiful folktale from Bhutan, again published in 2011 and written by Bhutan’s favorite author Kunzang Choden. In this story, an orphan girl topples into a mouse hole  and is then befriended by Aunty Mouse much like how Alice goes down the rabbit hole and at end gets many riches. 

But when a rich brat tries to do the same, her experience are horrifying.

 This traditional folktales from Bhutan felt more like a fairy tale kind of story which I enjoyed a lot. The message of kindness, and honest belief is realistically told!

These were my very first set of books from The Zubaan Books Publishing House, and definitely would not be the last. Looking forward to more such beautiful tales from across the world.



I loved these books so much so I am going to Giveaway both these books to 2 lucky winner! So, one of you will be winning *Room in your Heart* and some other Lucky Kid will be winning *Aunty Mouse*!

Giveaway Rules

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  2. Comment – Tell me if you have enjoyed folktales from around the world, which book and from which country was it? If not, just comment and tell me which is your bubs favorite book right now. (MANDATORY)
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I hope you all love the books as much as I did!

This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Zubaan Books or WordPress. 

 I am going to be buying them and sending them to you, to support the authors!

Much love


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Brand new Site – The Reading Momster

Yes, I have done it, I self hosted. After years of procrastinating and self – doubt, I did it, YAY! And it is called The Reading Momster.

The Reading Momster
The Reading Momster

I still have my old site “Our Ordinary Life”. Because I am still importing a lot of stuff from there.


I love my blog, this is one place where I just love to hang out.And  I love to write, I love to be heard, I loveee attention. And this blog is always ready to listen. I did bring ALL posts from way back. I am even attached to those, LOL!


Why The Reading Momster?

Because I am a Mom and a Monster. And the only thing I do apArt from keeping my bubs alive is read to them. So The Reading Momster is so apt and so me, I just had to use that. Of course I  did contemplate adding Lazy, Crazy and all that, but I am going to keep short and sweet


I am still working on the LOOK though, not 100 percent there. People who know me, know I love changing up the look and feel often. Change is the only Constant, eh? So I need to work on header, and some plugins/widgets. Do share which Plugins/ Widgets have worked for you.

Right now, I am working on bring in all my subscribers and followers over which is a bit tricky, other things have taken a back-seat. So show me some comment love and tell me what do you think of The Reading Momster? The good, the bad – anything and everything, share away friends.

That’s it people, keeping my post real short this one time, I hope to see you soon with more. Here, I start my new journey, with loads of love and optimism! hope to find inspiration in our everyday madness.


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100 days of play: Simple Toffee wrapper flowers

100 Days of PlayI am so happy to participate in the 100 days of PLAY challenge, hosted by Sun Scholars. If you have been following along, you will already have some fun, simple activities to do with your kiddos. Even though Aarya’s absolute favorite activity is to ride the bike in the house, outside… everywhere..

Today I am going to share a very simple activity which include toffee wrappers. If like us you have some lovely Uncles visiting, chances are they will bring chocolates for the kiddos among other things. So when Aarya’s Uncle brought him this, he was excited for obvious reasons.

Yummy assortment of awesome chocolates

We had so many colorful wrappers left that I thought they would lovely in a project. So here is what we did with them –

Things we used –

Wrappers  of different colors (ours were mainly violet, orange and yellow)

Pipe cleaners

Over-enthusiastic kiddo 🙂

Vase- optional

1. We “thread” the tissue papers into the pipe cleaners. It is very easy, you just push the pipe cleaner around the middle ( our papers were square- cut)

Please ignore the chocolate smeared face (looks more red than brown) The pipe cleaner threading was easy but we also had a lot of torn wrappers from over-enthusiastic threading 🙂

2. Push in as many as you want. (Minimum would be 2)

3) Keeping a portion of the pipe cleaner on top. scrunch up the paper together and “wrap” the pipe cleaner around the bunch. This will make a lovely flower look with the pipe cleaner as the stem. (Aarya struggled with this part, so I did this after he threaded the papers. Older kiddos would be able to do this easily.)

Make as many as you like 🙂 And put them in the Vase along with your favorite pic 🙂 I also added some twisted pipe cleaners to the vase.

Thank you Rachel for including us in this fantastic series.

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Little Readers Nook

We subscribed to Little Readers Nook this month. This is a parent – child themed reading program targeted towards the 2-6 crowd. The kit includes 4 books+3 activities+ 1 exciting toy or puzzle; which is delivered (or you can pick it up as well) once or twice a month (your choice). For our first trial month we chose “family theme”.

We had Aarya’s Grandparents visit us this month, so this was the perfect reading companion for us 🙂 Our set included 4 books –

Don’t let the Aliens get my Marvelous Mum! by Glillian Shields

My Dad is Awesome! by Nick Butterworth

Stories for 3 Year olds

Hello! Is that Grandma? by Ian Whybrow

Our first activity idea came from the kit itself. We made a scrapbook style collage of our family near and dear ones. We started with working on a About Me page that I downloaded from Miss Pam’s Room (which I found on Pinterest).

Yes Red is his favorite color.

I added his picture. Then let him glue the letters in his name which are actually newspaper cut-outs (he lost the Y).  Let him draw his fathers face ( the one in brown bottom-left). And I added everything else 🙂

All done!

Then I gave him a blank paper, some sketch pens and stickers –

Yes, 2 pens is the way to draw 😉

Then he squeezed the glue to stick our pictures,

An then added the stickers –

I gave him some heart stickers, car stickers and such. He added a pink sticker for his Grandma (not in the picture) because she likes pink… too sweet!

All DONE! Here is a samplae of what we managed 🙂

One of the pages we did together 🙂 This is his Grandparents, Aunt and his Dad (all in one set of pictures. The dog sticker is for Vava our dog, whose picture I forgot to print out. We also did his cousins in another. And his Uncles and Aunts.

We did all in all 3 pages and he was done. In these 3 pages I tried and let him glue all the people. The result is not beautiful by any standards but he was mighty proud of it and showed his father and also named everyone 🙂 He especially loved this and his cousins page. He looks at it daily and I am sure the sketch pens have been used on the pictures also 🙂

i will be sharing more activities in the coming days.

A little about Little Readers Nook.

Devaki Bhujang Gajare (owner), an Electronics Engineer from Mumbai, worked as a Software Analyst in Pune and New York from 2004 to 2011. She’s mom to 3 year old Mihir – the inspiration behind Little Readers’ Nook!

Contact her by going here. (Don’t forget to mention me to her ;))

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Book Love – The Snowman by Richard Briggs

I bought “Step into Reading” book version of this book and instantly regretted doing it 🙁 It is, but a sad copy of the original. But we watched this video, which was amazing!

This is such a beautiful story! I love it and Aarya really enjoyed it too 🙂 To accompany this book we did this rather fun but lovely “Snowman on the Globe” art which I saw on Pinterest.

Please excuse the “sauce” on the face look. The minute he saw the ball and white paint, he just wanted to dive right in!

All you need is –

1) Blue paper (construction paper will be good)

2) 1 ball or as many as you want, really.

3) white paint ( We also had yellow dropped in as aarya wanted it)

4) 3 circles in different sizes for the snowman body

5) A rectangle – small for the hat

6) Add the sketch pens if your kid is crazy about them (like mine is)

I will let the pictures do the talking.-


He dipped the ball in the white paint but then also wanted to use the brush.


Once he had played to his hearts contest with the ball and the colors. We left it to try. Then I stuck the snowman ( on the left) to show him how it is done. He had his own ideas about where everything would be.



Then he wanted the sketch pens to “draw” the face.

All done!

This book was part of the “S” week (snow)!

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Small Changes!

You might have noticed that my blog has a new theme, new non-bookish posts and of course, a new theme! January, this year I started a new blog to share the books and activities I did with Aarya, but as you might have noticed, Giving Reading a Chance! suffered in the process. So to make my life easier, this month I changed everything up, clubbed the 2 sites together and deleted the other site 🙂

Now this site will feature –

  • Books and there reviews
  • Aarya and his books and there reviews 😉
  • Activities ideas of the books we review
  • Some random stuff about life and Mommy-hood.
Mama and Aarya after our Holi bash!

I hope you guys find something that interests you here and as I have said before lets start connecting again. Thank you for all you people who leave wonderful comments, that encourages me a lot!

To all my friends, I hope you had a blast on Holi 🙂 and Happy Easter too!

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Winter fun continued – Snow sifting.

Here is the 1st post in this series.

**These posts were written in Jan-Feb, but due to some real bad things happening followed by my exams, I was not able to post these. **

To follow-up on the winter activities. This is another sensory activity that we did. The idea is from Montessori Moments(link to the winter activities post) who blogged about it in the ‘Sifting Snowflakes’ post. I had a feeling that Aarya would love it.

Items we used –

*salt with small alphabets (hidden) (snow)

*sifter (from the kitchen)

*foam alphabets to match ( at this point I wish I had lower case alphabets too )

Thanks to Lori! Does it look like he Loved it?
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Tot School – S is for Snow/Snowman

Love Calvin and Hobbes 🙂

I started doing Alphabets with Aarya sometime back but I never did “themes” with him. This was before I was a “Pinterest addict”, now I follow a LOT of blogs religiously who have helped me design and given me the courage to do a theme with Aarya 🙂

I decided “S” was the best alphabet to do in Winter and “Snow” is a concept that Aarya just absolutely LOVES 🙂 We have never had snow here, but when I was in Northern states of India I have seen it. But Aarya and his Dad have never seen snow but we see it on TV, videos and BOOKS all the time and Aarya LOVES it.

I started by introducing “S” letter and sound – Aarya could not make the sound at all. He was disappointed and left the scene (so typical of him). I persisted by making him realize all the words he knows by saying “Oh! This is Sauce… s s sauce”; then another day “This is s s spider” or”This is s s s seal”.. “look s s sea” and finally ” s s s snow!” … there I had his attention there ;). He tried it and it came out as “No”.. and I now here it all the time “No Mama NO! Look!” (so cute! but we still did not have the “s” sound)! After some days he magically said “ss sauce” 🙂 He still goes “No” instead of Snow but that is ok! he is got the sound.

After we got the sound right I put out a small sensory bin. I put the thermocol that comes in packing (this thermocol was broken by Aarya earlier one day and I had saved the “snow” balls) He added the animals that were kept nearby to it (which reminded me we needed to do animals in winter later because Cow should not be in this bin) –

Next we did Pattern Block “S” which I downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom. Download it here.

The same day night I filled a container with water and put a Doraemon toy in a plastic cover and asked Aarya to fill it with water, then we put it in the freezer.  (I added the eyes and nose with sketch pen which got wiped off when we took it out. I found this idea on Teach Preschool blog, who did Snowman in a bottle and Snowman in a bag activity with her preschool kids. There she used real snow, here I just froze some water. Next time I would take some ice and crush it and use it to do this activity – it will look more realistic.

Next up we made snowman from a cornflour/ flour dough. I did not have enough cornflour to make this sensory activity so I added some flour and salt and warm water to make a mouldable snow dough. This was fun too.

Snowman also needs excercise lol!

Our next activity was Snow Sifting which is a very simple activity – here i have used Salt and “hid some tiny letters. Montessori Moments added “snowflakes” in it. Anyhow this was the 2nd favorite activity after the snow-bin above.  Before, during and after the activities and all through the day we checked on our snowman which I kept outside so that it melts.

Colored Construction Paper, White paint and some lids.

Next up some ART, no activity is complete without ART and BOOKS. So we made snowflakes from some white paint and some bottle caps and knick-knacks I found in the kitchen. Aarya decided to cover himself in snow too lol!

We did more activities; and this has been he most successful theme yet.

We read A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats on We Give Books site( a great site where you can read a lot of Children Books – I am thankful to them a LOT) , because I could not get it here and it was too costly to buy online. Activities on that in the next post.

<<Aarya is 33 months old>>

Linking to –
In Lieu of Preschool
Link&Learn – Weekly Kids Craft Linky

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Book Love: What Should I Make?

Aarya is not much into playdough and I think it is a beautiful and powerful medium for kids and also very good activity for his tiny fingers. So to encourage him, I bought What Should I Make? by Nandini Nayar from Tulika books. Priced only at 75Rs, this is affordable and the illustrations are beautiful as well. In the story, Neeraj’s Mom is making Rotis (Tortillas) and gives him a small piece from the dough to play with. What all can Neeraj make out of it, is the simple but cute story.

We read the story together and Aarya pointed out Rotis immediately. He likes his Rotis, so it was good to see he could comprehend and also tell me it was “Atta” (dough) and “roll roll” (roller). I was encouraged! Then we looked at what all could be done with the dough.

Next day, We again read the story and then I set out this tray for him –

I first gave him some yellow dough, roller. We tried making all the animals in the book. He played with it for a while (attacking the mouse. meowing with the cat, roaring like the lion etc. )

Aarya is checking out the dough I set out for him.
That’s the snake we made together and mouse (he is holding). They had a fight and the snake became mouse’s tail lol!
The cat is in the assembling phase.

Next I introduced form cookie cutters (bus, car, helicopter, heart shapes etc) – I think introducing the transport cutters was a mistake, because he started playing with them and not with the dough.

Then I tried to “show” him some other things that can be made – he just told me what he thought about them and went back to his “car”. I introduced some Lego pieces and a dog and cat also.

(Clockwise from top)1) A bone for the dog and fish for the cat. 2)We made impression of the tail as well. 3) I made a train for him but he told me it looked more like a dog. 4) A snowman with a big nose 🙂

Next day, I reminded him that the book ended with Neeraj making a roti and asked him if he wanted to make a roti? Aarya was more than happy to do this. He likes to play with the “real atta dough” that I make more than the “playdough”. So I showed him how to make a “Chapati” (that is roti made with butter)

Aarya presented the Chapathi he made to his father for dinner…. it looks like a heart-shape (though we did not shape it like that at all). It turned out to be bit too thick and Aarya himself ate part of it, and it was a good experience 🙂

The only thing being that now whenever I am making rotis, Aarya brings his stool and tells me he wants to make them as well, his Dad has to eat them as well 🙂

I make my atta dough by using whole-wheat flour + salt to taste+ enough water to bring it to a dough-consistency which will be  a bit thicker than the playdough. I am sure we will doing many more playdough activities and I will be sharing them as we do them.

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