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I was searching the net for information on books by Agatha Christie. I have read her a lot during school, but I can’t just remember what I read and the title names…so, I came across this article about the Guinness records held by the celebrated author was discussed, on a site named Agatha Christie She has a record for – **the biggest selling fiction author in the world.   **the longest continuously running play in the world – The Mousetrap. But did u know there was a 3rd one also?! Here is an excerpt from the article which I found both…

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I read about so MANY books on your blogs… that it is hard to keep a tab on what I really really want. So on Tuesdays, you will get to know if I liked any book I read about.. liked ti so much that it tempted me to buy it! This is for my own reference, so that I can remember, where I heard about the book 🙂 I just kind of thought of this post today after reading Jill’s review of Making it Up by Penelope Lively! I love the book covers of this book! wow! Excerpt from Jill’s…

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Victoria Holt Books

I remember reading Victoria Holt a lot, during my school days, and easily forgot about her. Until recently while updating my list of read books, that I remembered about the books i hardly remembered about, and began a search of an author I hardly knew and remembered the name. What remained as a memory were few vague titles and and the frustration over nothing coming out of the Google search engine. Finally I found all about it…!!!! 🙂 Victoria Holt… aka … Eleanor Hibbert or should I say it the other way round.. anyways. Eleanor Hibbert was an author who…

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