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Sunday Pictures

Hello Everyone! Hopefully you are all realxing and having fun on this cold Sunday Morning! I am mostly sleepy today and reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol. I am going to discuss that one soon with you guys so keep an eye on this blog 😉 🙂 So as on almost all my Sundays, here are some pics that I would love to share with you 🙂 This little doggy followed us, when we were in Coorg. I LOVE dogs and I am sure they have a way of sensing if

Sunday Surprises!

Aren’t they just adorable! The babies 🙂  click on the pic to see the enlarged pic This pic was taken in Kerala [ Southern India ] . Nidhi, her family and me were on our way to boating and these adorable little ones with there mom were eating grass… couldn’t resist clicking there pics! Interestingly this pic is taken on 31st Dec, 2008, a day before my marriage 😉

Coorg continued…

Remember the Coorg pic I posted last time?! Ok! So this is a continuation… This is another view from the top of the stairs of the temple at  Talacauvery near Coorg in Karnataka State in India. There in the middle do you see a pond kind of thing? That’s the origin of River Cauvery! A more closer pic of it ~~ Yep! A whole river coming out of such a small pool.. it is AMAZING right?! Pics are all taken by hubby dearest :D, so thanks to him for taking

Today we see Coorg :)

This one was taken from a hill named Talacauvery near Coorg in Karnataka State in India! This hill top is famous as this where the Cauvery River is believed to have originated! It is a beautiful place! There is a temple where the river originates and I will post more pics of this place next week, same day 🙂

Wordless Sunday

Last week, I said about my visit to Shivanasamudra, Mysore. And here is a pic of the luxurious waterfall. It is a marvelous view. Luckily, it is not far from where I live. If you are in Mysore and that too in Monsoon season, this is one place you should visit. It is beautiful and it was a Sunday that we went there!

Wordless Sunday~~

My first Wordless Wednesday post!This was taken last month when we had been to Shivanasamudra, Mysore. It is a beautiful waterfall and Monsoon time is the best time to visit there!Will post more pics every Sunday of places we visit! If you didn’t know Wordless Wednesday is now open all week long, you can post your pics whenever you want 🙂

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