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There isn’t a day when I haven’t started my day with a gigantic cup of frothy sweet Chai!

How to make it!?

Of course you know, but I will still you my recipe !

Recipe ( makes 1 cup)

💛 take 1/2 cup milk in a saucepan

💛Add 1/2 cup water to it

💛Add 2 Spoons of Sugar

💛Stir it and let your thoughts go blank. Stare at white and dissolve in it all the fear, pain and stress you have.

💛 Add 2 spoons of Tea Powder

💛 Again stir, and while stirring concentrate all your will On the change of the color.

💛 once you get the color you like best , strain the tea out.

💛 now take a big vessel and start pouring the tea from the cup to that and back

💛 concentrate on the sound and concentrate on not making the whole tea fall 😀

This achieves the froth that I just can’t LIVE without. Once I have invested the 5 to 10 minutes to make the tea, I take a sip and t just wakes me up like a ray of sunshine ☀️

There have been times I have decided to say no to this tea, but like everything I haven’t been able to replicate the ” FEEL” this tea reverberates through my conscience. It’s calming and it gives me a kick that I need!

s made by someone else, there is always something missing
😔 The Tea that others make is either Tea is too strong, or has no sugar, or just too much milk or too watery. It’s funny how I am incredibly passionate about making my own tea, and that tells you a lot about how I prefer to do everything by myself 🙉.

This article was written in honour of International Tea Day and in thanks to all those people who bring the Humble tea packaged with love and care and most of all flavour.

You know if you feel like having my kinda tea, you are so very welcome to come home 💛


Thank you to Tripti for introducing me and now Follow Along and Go and read the fabulous blog at Krisha’s friendly abode and relish another sip 💛