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Christmas+Superheroes – Super fun!

Ironman needs his sleep too! Aarya and Ironman tired after ‘saving the day’!

On a lazy Saturday morning, if your kiddo is more into Superheroes and you hope to review some letter sounds with him (for school on Monday), what do you do? You combine the things he loves and make sure he doesn’t realize he is learning 🙂

I recently downloaded this amazing freebie, Superhero Pack  (here is a list of her other preschool packs, if you do not know it already) from 123 Homeschool For Me  for our little man. I knew he would LOVE it and I was not wrong. I printed out just one page (pg. 20, in my version) of this pack which had all the superheroes, cut them apart and told him to sort it out. He doesn’t recognize Flash, Robin and Green Latern; but was absolutely thrilled that Ironman, Superman and Spiderman were right there.

Another freebie, this time from Toddler Approved, a Christmas tree ( I got it in her newsletter) which I printed out – but you can draw this layout if you can draw straight lines (unlike me). I then wrote the starting sounds of all our Superheroes in those tiny circles (look at ALL the “S”)

Then stressing the first sound of the Superhero, we figured out which letter his name his started with and glued him to our Christmas tree (Superman’s 1st sound is “/s/”, which is the letter with “/s/” sound? S!) He needed lot of reminders and I understood that he got confused between C and S. (And no! he is not an expert yet, and we need to do more stuff like this very soon)

And there you go, a Super simple letter review  game, one which I am sure your kiddo will love. You can do this with all kinds of stickers available these days (I am thinking Disney Characters and the like, anything your kid loves)

I hope you are having a Super-hero kind of day!

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