Cover Attractions + A small Update!!!!

Good Day Everyone!
I am BACK! and I am going to do some blog hopping today 🙂 ! I have missed out on loads of post, oh my! I was overwhelmed when I opened my reader, I have 1000+ posts to catch up on :o)!
No worries, I will do it slowly 😉
Now this above cover comes from Kals library, who is going to read it/ reading it 😉
Looks pretty neat! My Friend and co-author of this blog Nidhi ( who is God alone knows where these days) wrote a nice review of this one, which can be found here ! I never got around reading this one **sigh**.
I thought I will tell you why I was down the whole of last month!
Well there is no better way than saying that right now I am 6 months pregnant with our 1st baby ((GRINS)) and well last month, around 2nd-3rd week, I and my poor husband fell sick :(( **weather, rolling eyes**! And that was it, I was down for 2 weeks, with after effects of this sickness, cold and stuff like that, I resisted eating any medicines because I didn’t want our baby to have any issues, but when it became really bad, I had to get some prescriptions from our beloved doc, and I was OK. Though the cold had me up on nights as well, and I was irritated, angry and tired all the time LOL!
Well come January, we thought everything is going to go back to its normal self, when my office mates thought that it was time to move my team- mate to another team and leave me alone to handle things at work. We had 2 difficult weeks at work, where in I had to work on weekends as well to get things running LOL!
Just when I was thinking ok, that’s it, we have all the bad time behind us, we are yet again in for something NEW! This time it is MOVING! Yes, we are moving into our dream home in 1 months time. Though this should make me HAPPY, oh well I am really really HAPPY, but the part about shifting, packing, unpacking, setting up the house makes me feel tired already AND I have not even started LOL!
So there you go 🙂 That’s what has made me neglect my sweet abode here.. and I want to THANK YOU ALL for sending me your wishes :o) I feel so NICE :o)
Another thing new on the Blog is that I have started comment moderation. Off late, there have been spam messages everyday here and I didnot want it to create problems for me, so I started moderation, I hope you guys don’t mind 🙂
I hope everything is been well and you all had a great Christmas and New Year too! Inspite of all what has happened, we did celebrate New Years day :). It was our 1st wedding anniversary and it was perfect. Just the two of us and Hubby dear took me out to lunch at a fancy restaurant and all and it was all nice and cozy :-)!
Tadaaa.. that’s all! Have a good day and I hope to be regular here in the coming days.. and YES, I will be coming to your blogs too 🙂 :)!

0 thoughts on “Cover Attractions + A small Update!!!!

  1. LOL! I'm surprised you picked the cover from my list 😛 I'm yet to read it, but I loved Elizabeth Noble's The Reading Group which I just reviewed :)Glad to have you back! * Hugs * Good to know you had a lovely first wedding anniversary 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the baby! We missed you but are glad to know you are better and just very busy. Moving is not fun -get lots of friends to help you.That is a beautiful cover, I love the colours. My Cover Attraction post is up.

  3. ahaa.. whatte lovely post 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed reading thru it..wish you a very happy first anniversary and a great new year! hope you two have many more beautiful years of togetherness.. 😀 and ya, happy to hear the good news officially!! :Dlove your attitude, veens! SO much happened and you are still LOL!!! i would have cribbed and driven away the poor better half!! 😛

  4. Well you take care of yourself and that little one…congrats! They say that moving can be one of the most stressful times in a persons life, add pregnancy itself to that and you will one worn out gal! I will be thinking of you.

  5. I am exhausted just from reading your post! And more importantly, I am SO excited for you and your husband about your baby. I'm glad you're feeling better. Luckily, there has been *much* more research done now about the effects of medications on pregnancy, and many of them have been found to be safe.

  6. Oh my goodness! So much happening for you. Well, congratulations on the baby and the dream home! That is just fantastic stuff and I guess good enough reasons for you to be away from the blog :)Wishing you and your husband much happiness!

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