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Cover Attractions~~ One book and 2 covers!

I found 2 covers of the same book [ thanks to Sandra‘s post where I saw the cover]. And liked the both!

Another cover that I really found kinda cute was from All About {n}

I know it is kind of weird, but I like it 😉
I love the yellow footwear and everything 🙂

Head over to Marcia‘s to get a visual treat :). Thanks Marcia!

0 thoughts on “Cover Attractions~~ One book and 2 covers!

  1. Great covers! Especially the one with the pink tree…I wouldn't be able to pass that one up if I saw it in the bookstore.Happy Reading!

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement. I actually got a copy of The Wilderness with the teacup on it from the library. I thought it was quite dark for my blog and looked for another cover. The story is about a man losing his memories to Alzheimer's. So I was really intrigued by the pink tree cover because it's so pretty, but then I noticed that there are monkeys in those trees! Is it a displaced memory I wonder? I'll find out when I read the book I guess.

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