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Crepe Paper bleeding Art Paper Ornaments

I saw this tissue paper bleeding art on Imagination tree‘s blog and knew we had to try it, but the problem was we did not have bleeding tissue paper variety. So I decided we could try it out with Crepe  Paper instead!

Here is what we used –

  • Red and green Crepe Paper ( Christmas theme)
  • Thick watercolor paper ( I got my sheet at the local store and I told him I wanted A3 size thick drawing paper and he gave me this, which works nicely anyways!)
  • A spray bottle with water filled (the amount is dependent how much mess you can entertain lol!)
  • And a kid

Aarya was totally excited to see the spray bottle, OMG! he was giggling with anticipation, and was a bit disappointed that spraying was not the first thing we did. I asked Aarya to tear the papers and fill our drawing paper up – he just well scrunched it all up and left it like that. But then really enjoyed the tearing up part too.

Spraying is a great fine-motor activity and one of his favorite activities too.

Yep, he needed to spray his hands; then legs and then in the very end – the paper :). I used thoroughly cleaned glass cleaner spray bottle, without removing the tag lol! I am lazy like that!

Finally we left it to dry, without touching it – yes there was way more water than was needed and yes, I had no idea if it would turn out, “visually-appealing”. Even though the mess was way lesser than what I am used to, I really loved this simple water activity, which Aarya absolutely wanted to do more! But After drying the abstract art came out very pretty and all Christmasy!

I cut the paper in half and printed out some ornaments (Pinterest link here) ( I am very bad at drawing them myself) on one of the 2 sheets. I then cut the ornaments out, punched a hole and threaded the ribbons for a art-work Ornament set; and added 1 pom-pom to our adorable Santa.

And here they are hanging on our tree, don’t they look just adorable?

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