Crossword Book Award

Even though I am very LATE in putting this on my blog, I am really excited about…

The Vodafone Crossword Book Awards for 2010 will be given out in the following categories:
Vodafone Crossword Fiction Award.
Vodafone Crossword Non-Fiction Award.
Vodafone Crossword Translation Award.
Vodafone Crossword Children’s Award.
Vodafone Crossword Popular Award.

Shortlist Indian English Fiction:
* Saraswati Park by Anjali Joseph
* Quarantine Papers by Kalpish Ratna
* Jimmy, The Terrorist by Omair Ahmad
* The Crimson Throne by Sudhir Kakar
* Way To Go by Upamanyu Chatterjee

View the complete list at The Crossword Site.

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