Dear Hair, I miss you!

April 3, 2018 0 By admin


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I never really had thick hair, but I had a reasonable chunk of gorgeous shiny hair, which needed no maintenance at all. A nice shampoo here, and a little conditioner there  and boom, I had the hair that swish smashed in the wind. Those were the days of glory for my hair.

Pregnancy bliss or near miss?

When I was Pregnant, I had amazing hair growth. It was beautiful, long and quite thick. Unknown to me the hormones in my body during my pregnancy were giving me beautiful lustrous and thick hair. But the week I delivered, I started losing that hair. It was like a huge catastrophe ! All that gorgeous hair, the life in them, everything gone after my bundle of joy was born.

At first I had no time, energy or inclination to worry about it, until it became unmanageable. Tangles, pain and thin hair were what I lived with. Also all I could manage were Mom-Buns at that time, because seriously I couldn’t even style them anyway I wanted!


In we went on the Chop – Chop Train

What is the next logical step for a mom, with no time on hand, heavy hair fall and the need to look a little sane? Yep – go Chop them off.  I got a cute short hairstyle done, which was good the first week but then again because of my thinning hair started looking bad again.


The  thin hair hacks that really work

  • Good hair routine. When you are a new mom, the demanding schedule of your baby leaves with no time. But as things start settling down, a good hair care routine is bliss.
  • Get a cut – Short hair are really good! Getting a good trim on your hair is a really good for your hair!
  • Roll them – really Rollers create a nice wavy hair look, which brings in volume
  • Get a wig – There are so many good Wigs available today made of real hair.
  • Braid your Hair – If you have the bad hair blues, then braids may be for you because they are a great protective hairstyle.  Because braids are are fairly low maintenance, they’re a great everyday hairstyle or for going on that Mexico or Caribbean vacation.  There are so many braid styles that you can create, it’s always possible to have that exclusive braid style that keeps heads turning.  In addition, adding your favorite pink, purple or blonde color to distinguish your braids is easy to do.  If you want to wear unique African braid style, a special braided up-do, criss-crossed cornrows or maybe a braid bun, then Kanekalon Jumbo Braids or X-Pression Ultra Braids may be the braiding hair choice for you.    At Divatress, you’ll find all these aforementioned braids in our amazing selection of braids for black women that you’re sure to love. Our selection of braiding hair can be customized to create truly unique look that sets you apart from the crowd.  No matter your taste, you’ll find the braids that match your personal style or personality. We offer amazing braiding hair from brands like Vivica A. Fox, FreeTress, Outre X-Pression, Janet Collection and more.  Shop Divatress braiding hair collection today!
    • Crochet Braids  – If you’re not a braider and don’t know a good braider, then crochet braids is the way to go.  Crochet braids has made getting braid hairstyles easier than ever.  There’s an abundance of choices in crochet hair styles today, from Wavy Faux Locs hair  and Goddess Locs hair to Water Waves hair to all different kinds of Box Braids.  If installed properly, no one would ever know you’re wearing crochet braids.  Click on the following link to check out our page dedicated to Crochet Braids.
    • Loop Braids – Many of the crochet braids now come with pre-looped holes which make crochet braids that much easier to install.  More and more styles are now coming out with this feature so there’s no shortage in style choices.  This nice little invention can save you time and sweat!  You can find crochet loop braids by most of the major brands such as FreeTress, Outre X-pression, Bobbi Boss and more.

No, my hair look nothing like what it used to but they are better from when we started out! Do share your Hair voes too 🙂