#DiwaliDhamaka – Diwali Advent Calendar

#DiwaliDhamaka – Diwali Advent Calendar

October 15, 2014 23 By admin

Diwali holidays have begun and it is like schools are off till 2nd Nov! Whoops! that’s a LONG break. But Diwali is a festival we look forward too. Even though, in my heart I would LOVE to say no to crackers this year, I know it will NOT be fair on my son. He only bursts his gun around and I am not going to say no to that, not this time atleast.

So, I took the concept of Christmas Advent Calendars and made this calendar so that Aarya can count the days to DiwaliΒ and we will have some pre-planned activity for each day.

We used

– a paper shopping bag ( we get this when we shop for clothes, from some good eco-friendly shops)

– sponges

– colors

– and a crafty boy πŸ™‚

I cut off the sides and the bottom portion of the cover which gave me 2 rectangle pieces of brown paper. I used the portion where there was no print and well let Aarya go to town with sponging πŸ™‚

We glued the 2nd sheet of brown paper to this sheet so as to make it sturdy, after it dried. Next I folded up 8 pieces of plain paper so as to make small envoloes (see below). Aarya glued them on to the the background in an order in such a way that they made little pockets.

Next in small sheets I wrote the activities that I hoped we could do together.

Ta- da, our calendar is ready.

I just realized there are no dots on 4. Aarya totally must have forgotten. ( The dots are just bindis I had lying around, I don’t use this size or color). I know this pic is totally unnecessary as it shows our antic almirah, with paint chipped off ( thanks to gazillion moves) and dirty mirrors, but this is the only decent shot I have of him.

Here is the list of activities –

  • – Make Diwali cards
  • – Make Diwali bunting
  • – Paint diyas
  • – Make Rangolis
  • – Read a book ( review coming soon), do an activity.
  • – Make light decorations of some kind
  • – Make sweets
  • – Decorate the house

And bonus – HELP Mom, clean the house πŸ˜€

Here is an AMAZING list of card making ideas via Artsy Craftsy Mom ( we might share ours as well) πŸ™‚

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