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Faithful by Kim Cash Tate

by Kim Cash Tate
Paperback, 336 pages
Published September 14th 2010 by Thomas Nelson


Three life-long friends experience life-altering struggles. Will they find the strength to be faithful to the covenants they’ve made with God…and each other? Cydney Sanders thought she knew God’s plan for her life. She’d marry, have kids, and then snap her body back into shape with Tae Bo. But she’s celebrating her fortieth birthday as the maid of honor at her little sister’s wedding . . . and still single. Why would God give her this desire to marry, but no husband? And why is her life suddenly complicated by the best man-who’s the opposite of what she wants in a husband? Cydney’s best friend Dana has the perfect marriage. But when Dana discovers her husband’s affair, her world goes into a tailspin. And Phyllis is out of hope after six years of unanswered prayers for her husband to find faith. When she runs into an old friend who is the Christian man she longs for, she’s faced with an overwhelming choice.   With life falling apart around them, can they trust God like never before?

Cyd, Dana and Phil (shortened names) are life-long friends and believers in Christ. They have a bond that is strengthened by there deep love for each other and there unwavering faith in Christ. They pray together and goto the same church and keep no secrets from each other. Cyd, who is 40, is unmarried and is going to attend her younger sister’s marriage which is scheduled on her 40th birthday. She had thought, she would be settled and having a family by now, but her Mr. Right, has not yet come. She feels sad and questions God’ plan for herself. She would never fall for someone like Cedric, her sister’s brother-in-law, who is a Casanova=of-sorts, but can she ignore the attraction and her want for a true Christian man? Dana has a perfect family comprising of her husband Scott and 2 beautiful children. Scott and Dana are the perfect example of beautiful marriage that is strengthened by there love for God. But when Dana finds out about Scott’s infidelity, her life is shattered and her perfect life seems to have become a disaster. Will she be able to forgive Scott and hold on to her marriage? Phyl has a perfect marriage too. She and Hayes love each other and have wonderful kids, but Phyl is bothered by Hayes not sharing her love for God. She cannot even talk about faith without offending Hayes and has prayed relentlessly for Hayes to find God. When she meets a Christian man of her dreams, will she abandon Hayes for this new guy?

I have found that I love women fiction and that featuring friends is an absolute icing on the cake. Faithful started out great for me, I loved Cyd, Dana and Phyl, no doubt but somewhere in the middle I lost the interest in there stories. Let me tell you why.
Cyd’s story is convincing, but Cedric’s is not. I can’t think how a guy who has lived a flamboyant, flirtatious lifestyle can change in one day after one bible study together? Dana and Scott are perfect… but Scott is unfaithful to Dana and one public owning up by Scott, and that’s it – Dana is working on forgiving him? I would say Phyl’s story started out a little unconvincing as she longs for Rod, the Christian man but I think the story of Hayes is the most real and interesting of them all. Why would not Phyl try to find out why Hayes was like that earlier, all this drama could have been avoided and why did she wait 6 years to talk to his mom?
The ending was like any other book striving for “Happy-ever-after”, but I did love it, only the ending.
However, I must say the bond shared by the 3 ladies, their families is beautiful. The writing is lyrical and beautiful and the story is told in alternating voices of Cyd, Dana, Phyl and Cedric as well. It was beautifully written but not convincing enough.
If you like Christian books and stories like these, I am sure you will enjoy it more than I did.

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  1. Your new blog design is terrific, Veens!
    It sounds as if you enjoyed many things about this book, Veens. Terrific review! Your thoughts are clearly and succinctly expressed. 🙂

  2. Great review !.I have started appreciating books that dont have have happily ever afters these days.. I read a lot of women’s lit,so this sounds right up my alley.another addition to the TBR .

  3. Ah yes–your problems with this book are problems I see in a lot of books. They need to be able to get the story told in as short a time as possible and that just doesn’t always work.

  4. What an adorable cover.

    “I have found that I love women fiction and that featuring friends is an absolute icing on the cake”, couldn’t have been truer for me.

    I love happily ever after books.

  5. I really want to read this one. I used to avoid all “unhappy” book endings, but I am veering towards bittersweet to downright sob fests for a change 🙂 It is going on my TBR. Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

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