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Two Traditional folktale from Bhutan

I came across these 2 traditional folktales from Bhutan, while searching for picture books showcasing original stories from around the world. The 2 picture books that I am going to showcase here are beautiful traditional folktales from Bhutan. Both are written by Kunzang Choden and expertly illustrated by Pema Tshering!

Zubaan books published these 2 stories, for their littlest audience in 2011. Too bad, I came to know about this recently. The illustrations in both the books are such calm soft watercolor landscapes, which if you are a wanderlust like me, will want you to go right across the border to this beautiful and serene place.

Folktales from Bhutan – Room in your Heart

Room in our Hearty
Free Expression Watercolor Art made by 3 year old!

“Neypo Shong gna?”  “ Is there room for me” is the question asked by a host of visitors who  come to the old lady seeking shelter and some warm soup. But how will her little hut have space for so many people in her small little hut.


I was so touched, so inspired and so heartened by this tale. In our busy lives, where we do not even have neighbors coming over and are stuck in this concrete jungle, this was a refreshing tale of opening our hearts and our minds to new people, experiences. I completely fell in love with the sparse but adequate text, gorgeous illustration and the beautiful message.

 So, do you have Room in your heart?

Folktales from Bhutan – Aunty Mouse

Another beautiful folktale from Bhutan, again published in 2011 and written by Bhutan’s favorite author Kunzang Choden. In this story, an orphan girl topples into a mouse hole  and is then befriended by Aunty Mouse much like how Alice goes down the rabbit hole and at end gets many riches. 

But when a rich brat tries to do the same, her experience are horrifying.

 This traditional folktales from Bhutan felt more like a fairy tale kind of story which I enjoyed a lot. The message of kindness, and honest belief is realistically told!

These were my very first set of books from The Zubaan Books Publishing House, and definitely would not be the last. Looking forward to more such beautiful tales from across the world.



I loved these books so much so I am going to Giveaway both these books to 2 lucky winner! So, one of you will be winning *Room in your Heart* and some other Lucky Kid will be winning *Aunty Mouse*!

Giveaway Rules

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I hope you all love the books as much as I did!

This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Zubaan Books or WordPress. 

 I am going to be buying them and sending them to you, to support the authors!

Much love


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19 thoughts on “Two Traditional folktale from Bhutan

  1. Hi Veena, I haven’t read any folk tales to my son. His current favourites are the books from read at home series. And this is a lovely giveaway! ☺

  2. Veena, both the folk takes were interesting with a deep message.you captures them very well in the post. My daughter loves to read, she hasn’t introduced to folk takes yet but I am going start that very soon.

  3. wow veena thanks so much for introducing me to this ..i can’t even thank you much …me and my hubby we loved buddhism and its principle so much that we named our baby Nirvaan..and Bhutan is one place which has everything linked to happiness no doubt such awesome inspiring books are from there..this will help me explain my boy when he grows up why we named him…

  4. These books looks like very interesting.I’ve not read any folk stories to my kids.Presently they love to read only usborne farmyard tales and read at home series.

  5. Hi Veena…Your review is very good.I haven’t got any folktales yet for my kiddo but she likes tinga tinga tales from Africa esp. Why Elephant gas a trunk?.Thank you for the giveaway

  6. Absolutely loved these two simple stories too Veena
    Similarly to you I stumbled on these two gems by accident and have already read them a few times each . So much to learn and takeaway from each story.
    Sharing your blog link on my reviews thread.

  7. how beautifully u have described and I have not yet started with folk tales, but all ur book reviews are so inspiring and thats why I would love to win Room in Your Heart 🙂 subscribed 🙂

  8. Hi Veena my little girl all of 4 has just started identifying words so I read aloud to her currently. She loves books and looks at the pictures and tries to make up the story..We already have a mini library at home..Her current favorite book is “How the Camel Got his Hump” As she gets older I intend introducing more books including Folk Tales to her.
    The 2 books you’ve highlighted are so enlightening and just apt for her to begin her journey into Folk Tales..

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