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Game review: Kids Act by United Toys

Recently while I was at a store figuring out what to buy as a birthday gift for a 5 yr old, I saw many people buying loads of *commercialized* (read Chotta Bheem, Ben 10 etc) gear as birthday gifts. I have nothing against these if they are also educational but most of these are not and there is a dearth of reviews available online telling you what is educational, fun, age appropriate as well as economical to buy as gifts for your loved ones or friends or anyone at all. So this is what I intend to do with this series, let you know what games we have been enjoying each month so that you have plenty of options when you are scoring the markets for a quick , last-minute gift for the birthday party you forgot about ( I know I do!) πŸ™‚

If I were to see this game at a toy shop (and I have seen it, actually) I would not buy it. Seriously the cover is not attractive, it doesn’t say much about the game either. We were given this game as a gift, from Aarya’s very generous Aunt and for almost 1 month I never opened it, thinking Aarya won’t enjoy it, he is much too young for it etc. But then one day, while his Grandparents were here visiting, he saw the game lying in the cupboard and wanted to play with them – I reluctantly agreed. What happened next, was something I never would have imagined – Aarya not only played but participated in the *acting* part as well and won the game too πŸ™‚ This was almost 6 months back and we have played this game countless times.

Patiently waiting for me to play my turn after I click the pictures.

The game consists of
– game board
– 4 colored counters
– stash of cards in blue, red and green

You have to spin the spinner, and land your counter onΒ the color that tallys up (counting, one-on one happening here) that it tells you. Then you pick up the card corresponding to the color of the *dot*. The 3 cards have – animals, daily everyday activity and such everything in pictorial format – hence there is no need for your child to be reading to actively play this game. Now, they have to act it out and the others have to guess it (dumb charades style). Aarya was able to act out most of the cards with no help from us… in some even sounded out the animals to help us guess. This is definitely a game I would recommend for the Β 3- 5 year crowd.

Tips on playing with young 3- 4 year olds –

1) Sometimes they might not want to follow the rule games, relax them a bit. Like we do not have a rule which says that if we are not able to guess, he can’t move forward.

2) Help them secretly if they are not able to guess what you are acting out. (I slowly say it to him.

3) Expect a disruption if the kiddo loses πŸ™‚

4) The spinner could go for a toss with all the spinning – that itself is so so fun) – if that’s the case, then you can easily play with a dice – nothing lost there.

His action – Sitting on the pillows. His card was depicting – ‘sitting’ πŸ™‚

<Aarya is 3.9 years old>


17 thoughts on “Game review: Kids Act by United Toys

  1. Hi Veena,
    I totally agree with you , when vacationing in India , my son kept watching bheem everyday and he couldn’t say his name .. kept saying fighting one …I want to watch figting one , only after 3 days I realized he was talking about chota bheem. He was 3 years old then .Now at 5 also when we go to India he loves to watch chota bheem. I know its not educative . good to see you finding nice stuff Arya.Keep exploring!
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    1. I agree, Aparna… it is so easy because our markets are flooded with such stuff. And we unknowingly feed our kids these things too and if you see the kids channels, they have only these kind of programs too. Very few channels actually are showing some educational programs but they are too scattered and not timed properly. I keep wondering about it, but making an effort to do my bit.

  2. Sounds a bit like a game we have. It’s called Charades and we need to act it out. Snubnose used to love it, and we played it all the time. We still have it and I plan to bring it out for Piglet one day.

    I like this series of toy reviews. It’s seriously hard to know what to pick when you go to a toy shop

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