Gifting made easy – How to choose Good Gifts for Kids

Gifting made easy – How to choose Good Gifts for Kids

October 16, 2017 4 By admin

Diwali is such a beautiful festival. We celebrate the return of the King and his Queen who after battling odds, were victorious in defeating demons outside and within themselves! And what was the one thing other than sweets you looked upto every year on Diwali? I looked forward to Gifts! My post today is about Good Gifts for kids. So today, I implore you to gift thoughtfully, and because I am talking gifts for kids – this post is aimed for anyone, and for any occasion – and it talks about Toys, and if you stick with me, I will be writing a 3- part series on this.

My Top 4 Criteria for Choosing the right toys for kids –

Good gifts for kids are durable-

Good Gifts for kids

What does a good gift for kids mean to you? Seriously don’t you want the gift to last? You spend 20 or 2k, whats the use of a gift that doesn’t last the little fiddling a kid is going to put it through? Kids aren’t the best gift – carers ( at least not in the early years) so there is lot of throwing, banging and if you are talking toys, many of the plastic low- cost toys won’t last. I always check the durability of a toy. Choose something that can take a beating and still survive!

Good Gifts for kids are eco – friendly

Good Gift for kids

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You may not be much of an Environment – enthusiast, but you are making Earth a place where your own kid is going to suffocate, and probably your Grand kids won’t be able to survive here. SO little things like buying Eco – friendly stuff starts with you and me. Let’s not put our money on things that are going to ruin our abode! For me good gifts for kids or for anyone for that matter has to be eco-friendly!

As a rule of thumb, I hardly buy anything that’s made of plastic, I always prefer wooden toys [ however there are exceptions]

Good Gifts for kids are those that grow with the kid –

Now that doesn’t literally mean “grow”! It means gifts that are open ended, open to interpretation and creatively inspire the kids to use them as per their ages. While my daughter uses a toy a certain way when she is 3, she would use the same toy in a whole new manner when she is 5. And that’s the true test of a good solid toy! And if it can be played with by multiple ages at the same time, then that’s a huge bonus too!

Good Gifts for kids are those that can double up as Learning Tools –

Good Gift for kids

I don’t really believe in buying toys based on their Teaching Capabilities, BUT if a toy can double up as an open ended Learning tool – I am more than happy to invest in it. A toy that can unintentionally teach concepts to toddlers and older kids, would be an amazing asset to have in one’s toy library. We must remember that “Play is the highest form of Research”, and by Playing kids do learn a lot of things without putting in ANY effort. So think wide, and think some more and look out for my next post where I am going to discuss this furthermore.

What am I gifting my kids this Diwali?

While I was browsing through a gazillion options online, I found a toy company that checked off every criteria that I had in mind, yes! SKOLA TOYS 

The Skola toys are inspired from the inspiring work of Dr. Montessori and her approach towards learning for young children, which focuses on using one’s own impulses, emotions, natural curiosity and an innate desire to learn. I absolutely love the fact that Skola toys are created by ECE experts and are open ended and inspired by Monstessori Philosophy! You will be reading a complete review, and the toy we got in the coming posts!

So tell me about your criteria, for buying gifts for the kids!? And don’t forget to watch out this space for my 2nd installment on this topic.