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I am Papa by Pranav Bhattacharya

I am Papa by Pranav Bhattacharya

Sometimes, life presents you with a problem so huge,that you are forced to ask : “Where do I start?”
Prof. Arya came back home to enjoy a quiet, retired life.One fine day, his son disappeared, without a trace.All he left behind was a note addressed to Papa.
What would you do if this happened to you?Would you know where and how to start looking for him? Would you be scared stiff and just freeze?
Would you stick to the notions of morality, legality and political correctness?
Every situation needs a Hero, and every adverse circumstance gives birth to one. Who said that a retired Professor can’t be a Hero?!
Join the protagonist of Pranav Bhattacharya’s debut novel as he embarks on a heart-throbbing and
perplexing journey,armed with nothing but his quiet determination and unfailing sense of humor.

One of my friends said that if in your library there are more than one copy of a book, then it has to be requested a lot from there. This one was one of the books recommended by the same friend and we found more than one copy too.

I am Papa opens with Prof. Arya at his farewell party. It is the last working day for him. He just keeps on thinking about how to idle time away and about all the things he can do, the things he had never had time for. Back home, his concerned wife tells him that the youngest of their flock – Sunil – is missing. He has left a letter for him, in which he speaks about how disturbed he is by the things around him, and that he wants to seek answers to his troubles and is leaving home because he in pursuit of the greater truth.  What follows is Professor’s search for his son. At first, his eldest son, Jatin helps him, but when Professor realizes that it could be dangerous for him, he embarks on this action-filled journey on his own. The search takes Professor to the streets of Kolkata, where he meets the so called saints who have links with the mafia and the police. He meets and seeks helps from a prostitute, who later becomes his strongest alley. This short book will give you a sneak-peak into the dangerous world of the so-called saints who call themselves Gods – the saffron clad monster.

This was a page-turner, lot of action and mostly no dull moments. The writing was simple and I really liked the way the story progressed but – there is sometimes a but – I didn’t love this book. There were mainly 3 issues, one was with the incomplete story of Karina and Mel – I thought this was a key element which made me feel that the story as a whole, was somehow incomplete. Second, I didn’t like Sunil, he supposed to be troubled and I understood that the guys from the Ashram threatenened him that they will kill Professor, but still his attitude was something I did not like. There is your father who has flown from India to US, just for your sake and you have no emotions/ no feelings about this? Third was the ending itself and the way Sunil reacted. Anyway there are some people on the net suggesting that there might be a sequel, in which case I hope the author completes this.

And if there is a sequel, I am kind of looking forward to it. Because I really liked the Professor, I liked that he was a scared, vulnerable guy but one who would do anything and everything it would take to save his son. I really liked him.

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  1. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t read many Indian authors. This sounds like a great book, despite the issues you mentioned. I’m glad I discovered a new author to read. Great review! I hope you get your wish for a sequel.

  2. Seems very interesting. It reminds me of a book ” Ek Din Achanak” (One Day Suddenly) written by Ramapada Chowdhury and later made in to film by Mrinal Sen, where a professor father of 3 grown up children went for a walk and never came back and the story/movie starts fro there. You if you have time you can try this book and the movie too..

  3. Interesting..I am going to see if my library has this title.And your observation about more than one copy available of a popular book is absolutely true.. i’ve found the same at my library too.

  4. I haven’t heard of this one and it sounds like it had great potential, but didn’t deliver. I’ll still keep an eye for it because the premise seems promising.

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