I welcome myself back!

I have been away from my blog so many times, I cannot even count now;  but still – I somehow find my way back.

It is been 2 years and some months since Aarya came into our lives, and now I cannot remember our lives before him. What did we do with all the time we had, really? Initially, Aarya was our bundle of joy, which turned into a fun-loving jumping jack and then into a screaming, not-so-sweet little monster. He is a strong-willed individual, who really knows what he wants, and no matter how many distractions I throw at him, he remembers and comes right back to the thing he did previously wanted. Most days I am pulling my hair out, screaming and some other wonderful days I laugh and let him do whatever he wants.Photo0567

I am in a state of extended-laziness. I have at times too many things going on and some days I just am lazy… But most of all I have enough and more time to spend with Aarya.  I think all my time is defined by what we did together, how many times we fought, what we did and my everyday struggle to get him to “read”.

Aarya has speech-problems( I am not sure about the proper term). He is happy 2 and a half year old, but has just started “trying” to say words – he still can’t get a lot of “sounds correctly out”. There is a lot of frustration and a lot of “No’s”; but we are finally making progress.

So you now know, what I have been doing really. As my reading has come to a halt, I still read a lot of tot-books, which I plan to share with you. I might also share some activities that I do with Aarya. SO generally a lot of toddler stuff, some tit-bits, some recipes and loads of fun.

I hope to meet you at your blogs soon.

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    1. Yes and I am seeing a lot of changes in him as well. As he has started understand that there is a boundary and that certain behaviour are unacceptable. But we do have long road ahead…But there are so many fun moments and lot of drama – it makes it just worth all the mess we create together. We are learning together 🙂

  1. Welcome back! He is so adorable! He’s only 2, so there’s plenty of time for his speech to improve. My daughter had trouble saying certain words even in kindergarten, and they talked about maybe having speech therapy, but I just kept working with her, and she never needed it. Sounds like you’re doing just fine with him. 🙂

  2. Oh I’m so happy to see that you’re back! You don’t have to post just about books. I bet one day soon Aarya will be talking up a storm.

  3. Gage is 2 yr. 2 mo. and he still only says single words, still waiting for the two word combo. His best friend is one month older and hasn’t said a word so you are not alone and I feel your frustration. When they aren’t talking there is lots of crying, whining and anger. Here’s hoping that gets better for both our guys 🙂

    1. Stacy, thank you for sharing this 🙂 I am not alone- and that is a good feeling.. At 2 yeats, Aarya would only say Vava :), so Gage is doing very good.

      Aarya’s vocab is very small but he does a lot of blabbering…. never stops talking as such. I try a lot to make sense of all what he says… and sometimes stop him and tell him the correct way to express something, but it is going to take a lot of time… but he is trying and that is good enough at this point of time. I have noticed that when I am comparing his abilities with other kids and expecting him to be at par with the norms, is when I get frustrated and worried. My expectations are what are creating the issues, I have now finally stopped doing that 🙂 And I am feeling so much better.

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