Is anyone digging this as much as me?



A sudden rush of rain and sometime later the winter sun, just warm enough.. I am totally loving this season here in Mumbai 🙂

0 thoughts on “Is anyone digging this as much as me?

  1. Hi Veena,

    I am not too sure about the first image, water and I don’t mix very well, as I don’t swim, am frightened to death of water and can’t imagine myself ever scrambling into something like that!!

    The second shot however is much more my thing and looks very peaceful and relaxing. I could definitely lose myself in a good book there, that’s if I didn’t fall asleep first!!! LOL

  2. Oh, don’t those look like wonderful places to relax and read! The bottom one looks like it’s just off in the middle of no where but then I notice tall buildings in the background. What a wonderful city retreat!

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