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January weeks in clicks

A photo that defines each week is my Project 52! I wanted to do a photo-a-day challenge but soon found out that it became really overwhelming! So I settled for 1 picture or portrait a week. Now if there were more photos in a week that really defined it, I would share them as well. My next goal is to scrap-book them, although I have no idea how I would do it.

Week 1 of January – I was really pumped up and wanted to have a head-start on my goals! We did make the memory Jar and in the below pic, is the elaborate design of the mall we went to see a movie with Grandma, Granpa and my sister! It was a fun day and was our first memory to keep 🙂

Week 1
Week 1

Later that week we went to a Puja where we found Dr. Panda and Captain Panda just lying around begging to be played with. Aarya happily played with them till his friends arrived 🙂 Sadly these pandas went missing when we came back to the room!

Week 2

We stacked some cups and Ironman came and knocked them down!

Week 3

This is right before we went out for grocery shopping… yes we do it in style these days lol! (His Dad’s idea, totally! 🙂

Week 4

And one of my favorites!

Week 2

Maybe I will have a better week, next week and have more pictures to share…Optimistic! 🙂


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